Trading Lamar and others!

Friday 07/03/2008, 18:15

Pm with decent offers
Really looking for a Kerozzin cr + Splata Cr

also trading:
Flo (U) Hammer (U) Loma Noju (R)
Eve (U) Zoltan (C) Soushee (C)
Vladimir (U) Bristone (U) Erika (R) Rolph (R)
Noodile (C) Lilly (U) Shakra (U)
Lunatik (U) TrinmkkT (U)
Havok (R) Miss Chloe (R)
Hugo (R) Charlie (U) Kerry (R)
(most are maxxed)

Friday 07/03/2008, 22:03

Update and bump

add zatman SkrumxxT vickie Baby Q
minus Havok

Friday 07/03/2008, 22:32

Well ill buy your lamar for Nahi Cr maxed and an amount of clintz u tell me send me in a pm please

Saturday 08/03/2008, 00:09

Minus vickie and Baby Q
pm for the rest if interested for a fair trade

admins pls close


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