offline 1 sasuke fan Hero  
Sunday 04/03/2007, 01:51

PLZ I'm collecting the Fang Pi Clang smiley but I'm not that rich PLZ help sell me cards plz smiley

offline haworth17 Master  
Sunday 04/03/2007, 20:20

I have Endo give an offer

offline SLOB-MJL Guru  
Sunday 04/03/2007, 23:14

I have Tatane willing to trade or sell!!

offline X-Thuga-X Legend  
Monday 05/03/2007, 13:19

:S I have elya Endo and Kati !!!

offline dorga1 Senior  
Tuesday 06/03/2007, 03:46

Do you hae natane Kati or martysa if you have can you sell them

offline dorga1 Senior  
Tuesday 06/03/2007, 03:47

I have Natrang

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