Thursday 07/09/2006, 10:36

During the day, I will put on sale a lot of cards at market HALF PRICE!!! (to understand by there that they will be approximately to 50% of the lower price at the time of the setting on sale for same character/same level).
I will regularly put them per package of 5 but I will not say which character is concerned nor at what time they will be on sale.

To have a little chance, regularly scan the market in the course of the day. Good bargains can be made especially for those which seek to supplement their collection.

Another small council for the beginners, the version java can help to locate on sale you more quickly my settings and which characters are distributed. Here are good pays with all

P.S.: Almost the whole of the cards is virgin (not xp), later another secondhand trade will take place with lvl 5 max

Thursday 07/09/2006, 11:34

Will there be collector cards?smiley

Thursday 07/09/2006, 12:16

No sorry, no collector, but some rare cards.
The sale will last until this evening late

Thursday 07/09/2006, 18:30

What cards?

Friday 08/09/2006, 12:28

A too long list tu put it here smiley
The sale continue now until this evening 18h (gmt 1)
always 5 cards per 5 regulary

Friday 08/09/2006, 17:12

Looking for lelena, Cheep

Friday 08/09/2006, 18:27

I think you should tell us which cards are there so we can buy them.

Saturday 09/09/2006, 00:40

Lelena? Cheep


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