offline Mr Pinky Guru  
Friday 15/09/2006, 19:46

Looking for zatman dorian and jackie will part exchange i have good cards

offline vvarriors Senior  
Friday 15/09/2006, 19:58

I got zatman

offline Mr Pinky Guru  
Saturday 16/09/2006, 16:47

Do you want money or trade

offline LeMAL Master  
Saturday 16/09/2006, 18:03

I got them all... what do you give for them?

offline Mr Pinky Guru  
Sunday 17/09/2006, 14:41

Ive got a maxed lost hog and striker and ive got clints tell me what you want

offline LeMAL Master  
Sunday 17/09/2006, 18:45

Sry i already have lost hog and striker...

offline Mr Pinky Guru  
Sunday 17/09/2006, 22:15

Okay tell me who you want

offline undead1 Senior  
Sunday 17/09/2006, 22:47

I got zatman for trade

offline Mr Pinky Guru  
Monday 18/09/2006, 14:47

Int need them no more my team is solid

Answer to this subject

Clint City, night.