offline elfayra Veteran  
Friday 25/01/2008

Trading my Jim Cr. I'm looking for other Crs or good cards (none from the new blood pack though). Hopefully Elya Cr.

offline iTzKiNG Novice  
Friday 25/01/2008, 01:13

I have a swidz cr

offline elfayra Veteran  
Friday 25/01/2008, 01:31

K let me clarify things a bit since alot of people are "confused"

1. I HAVE Jim Cr, I want other cards for it
2. I DON'T want any cards from new blood pack
3. NO ridiculous offers


offline Bandit87 Guru Order of The Nightbringer
Friday 25/01/2008, 03:37

I have an Ambre (R). Any intrest?

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