offline critter269 Senior  
Thursday 05/04/2007, 14:22

Buy any bangers if you want to sell one to me message me

offline critter269 Senior  
Thursday 05/04/2007, 21:30

I want to buy any bangers cards

offline kojieru Imperator TRiNiTY
Friday 06/04/2007, 06:42

I have Jenny smiley

offline critter269 Senior  
Friday 06/04/2007, 14:50

How much

offline xtc-m4n Master  
Thursday 26/04/2007, 23:51

Ill sell you Laetita or Jenny or the dead guysmiley

offline 0_NN_Ryusei Hero NASTY NOYP!
Friday 27/04/2007, 03:47

I have Jenny, Mero, Kevin, Tunned. Just msg me if u want, and we talked about the price. If you want a good one like fifty, vernmin, platona. I have it to, but for those one, i would like to trade.

offline musemellow Titan  
Friday 27/04/2007, 05:39

I have Chikko (C)

offline BW-Medeea Hero Black Wizards
Friday 27/04/2007, 12:59

I trade u bodenpower full for ombre any lvl

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