Sunday 13/06/2010, 14:07

The only ones i can think of are Griezzo and Nobrocybix.

so that's why i'm asking you top ten most overpriced cards in urban rivals.

Wednesday 16/06/2010, 07:03

Obviously Jungo got many overpriced cards
because they seem it's time for the clan to have a cr

Wednesday 16/06/2010, 07:04

Max I'd give Ongh in price is 14K smiley

Wednesday 16/06/2010, 07:21

Jackie... Because I want it. =(

Wednesday 16/06/2010, 08:39

Most top tier Nightmare, Glorg phylis ect
all Jungo except a few
Praxie, Jay

Wednesday 16/06/2010, 08:59

Lol guru
You do realise that you can't say that most of a clans characters are overpriced......
It is a CLAN!!!! And you also have to look at the rarity of a card
Like Jay..he is a rare...he is 4*...he can very easily get 7/11 O.O

The more I think about it I realise that no card is OP

Wednesday 16/06/2010, 09:13

Are you kidding me? "Striker IS worth the 11KBut if you are poor ,buy Alexei" , nothing wrong with that statement but lack of intelligence. He is an extreamly overpriced card and most cards you guys have mentioned have missions so people buy them more. Striker on the other hand doesn't. Gil and Rowdy are overpriced but have missions, Praxie and Jay are overpriced greatly but have missions while striker simply doesn't he is a weak 6 power with good damage but his power is just too low, he is a Rubie with 1 more power for a full star?

Wednesday 16/06/2010, 09:23

You seem to forget the clans Prices differ from clan to clan
And I have to ask you...are you even an All Star user?Judging by your missions you are not one..

I'd say that Marina is underpriced O.O

Wednesday 16/06/2010, 09:42

No...wait...Marina is good smiley
And Rowdy is not overpriced......

Wednesday 16/06/2010, 10:06

No way is Gil overpriced. He earns his keep as the priciest 2 star. Perhaps Lehane is underpriced, they should both cost about that much because they're both that amazing.

Wednesday 16/06/2010, 11:19

Yeah, striker is just Rubie with one more power...weak as heck, I say! Frankly, I find it perplexing why so many All Stars players use such a weak card...they must all be dumb or something.

So, uh, will you guys stop banning him in elo now? Kthxbye!


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