offline zdudeman Senior  
Sunday 05/12/2010, 04:18

What happened to
Cool-(Junkz,Ulu Watu)
Action-(Sentinal,La Junta)
Now it is
Brutal Force-(All stars, Fang Pi Clang)
Slow death-(Bangers, Freaks)
I am not saying anything about one way being better then the other but why only these starter packs?
Couldn't UR have a quiz or something to chose your two packs smileysmileysmileysmiley
Boy, Girl
Fun loving, Safer side, Dangerous, or Hard core
Easy going, Always alert, or Under the rader
Casual, Never stop, or Underground

The quiz I just made up so it isn't very good I know but I think starter cards should match us.
I don't mean like getting
and Chole
As your starter cards though

offline zdudeman Senior  
Sunday 05/12/2010, 04:54

Sorry meant lea not leosmiley

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 05/12/2010, 05:08

If your gonna make it feel free if not then no.

offline Carnal Sermon Hero TRiNiTY
Sunday 05/12/2010, 05:11

This thread is full of purpose...

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 05/12/2010, 05:25

Dont worry about it,they change cards all the time.Im just surprised the GHEIST are back so fast after being gone.Anyone have any info on what the new starters are?Anyway,if you dont like the cards, sell them.And judging by your relative newness to the game,you dont have any knowledge on the value of those cards your talking about.I cant believe you would complain about getting hawk or copper in a starter pack.At your level i would have killed to get half the cards you get in starters.And if you think that was bad,you should have been in the game where cards were given out completely random.

offline 0 Braxter Hero  
Sunday 05/12/2010, 05:55

Yeah my first cards were Leo , Mitch , Winifred , Myke , Robin , Zdrone , Rebecca & Carlos
the cards the newcomers are getting now make the ones i got a year ago look like a joke

offline GWN calcal10 Colossus Great White North
Sunday 05/12/2010, 06:30

I dont remember all of my first cards but i do know i had cooper

offline Glowstick1717 Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 05/12/2010, 10:17

@gb he's not coplainig, he's saying that he doesn't mean that those cardsshould be starters, less valuable card shouls, like he doesn't expect copper or hawk to be starters

offline zdudeman Senior  
Monday 06/12/2010, 23:52

Ummm listen im not a noob ok so just calm down I used to play before but I stopped for a while now that I came back I had to make a new account and wanted to start with ulu watu or sentinal because I rembered playing them before and I liked their cards....

offline kEv13villegas Novice  
Thursday 17/03/2011, 18:06

Now it is
Brutal Force-(All Stars, Fang Pi Clang)
Slow death-(Bangers, Freaks)

is this the real starter packs right now.? I am curious to know what does brutal force, slow death and control packs consist of.. I am influencing my friends and brothers to play this game and of course i wanted them to have the best starter pack so I am curious of the clans consisting the packs..pls update this..

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