offline Sir_0nly_0n3 Titan Code of Chivalry
Sunday 23/12/2012, 21:34

Yes, that's right! BrainZtorm is once again opening its doors!!

Why is BrainZtorm the best choice for a guild??

~We are one of the few guilds where your personal opinion and feedback is actually taken into consideration! This guild is created for our members! Not for the ego or popularity of a founder and his admins.

~I take the time to get to know each of our members. To other guilds, perhaps it's just another player or high level. If you allow us, we actually get to know who you are as a person. Likes and dislikes, etc.

~Our message board is full of activity! Threads ranging from fun games to innovative guides to improve your gameplay. As well as some other fun surprises you'll enjoy smiley

~Friendly and helpful members always willing to share tricks, give advice, or even lend cards =]

~We have monthly events as well as random contests on the message board so our members can win cards, or even full packs!

~We have some of the best players in the guild, having top ranks in DTs and ELO.

~You will have the best guild experience here!! Just ask our members!

~English speaking mainly, but we do have some French and Spanish speaking members.
~Minimum level 40. We do make exceptions for players with decent scores.

If you are a beginning level, feel free to check out our academy guild:1602706 at:

If you have any questions about joining, please don't hesitate to message -Maka_BZ


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offline le_shlaxer_BZ Legend BrainZtorm
Monday 17/10/2011, 02:47


offline Krak3n_CODE Novice BrainZtorm
Monday 17/10/2011, 02:51

Lmao i knew that and as you can see everyone all the people in here are out of it just a trip or however you want to say it lol but thats what makes it so fun!! and were all friendly i havent had one problem since i been here with anyone

offline Hellmaker Titan Harbingers of Ares
Monday 17/10/2011, 02:52

Excellent guild with lots of good people.

Hope you guys get alot of new recruits.

Best of luck smileysmiley

offline Sir_0nly_0n3 Titan Code of Chivalry
Monday 17/10/2011, 03:07

Lol thanks 5entinel tho i admit, i cant tell if thats sarcasm xD
As far as i know, he wasnt forced ^ ^ he was just... encouraged ;]

offline TommyBoy BZ Titan  
Monday 17/10/2011, 03:14

Its a great guide that only asks you to play and write in the message boards. So if you like playing this game and talking, this is the guild for you!

offline badbigwlly Titan BrainZtorm
Monday 17/10/2011, 03:46

Since arriving at BrainZtorm I can't say enough good things about this guild, they have their act together, they are vocal, active and helpful to their fellow kin. My visit has been very positive and I would highly recommend to other players who often guild travel to stop at BrainZtorm and get to know some of their members, really great people. And to those who are looking to join a guild, I would highly encourage you to consider BrainZtorm as this is a top ten UR guild done right!

offline BzGodFather Imperator  
Monday 17/10/2011, 06:01

I have had nothing but fun since I came in I'm usally on the move so I have trouble playing all the time but they have been extremly cool about it and I make up for it in the message board

Anyone ever need help with resque come to me I've been using since lvl 3 and I still use em

offline Fist Of Wind Novice  
Monday 17/10/2011, 06:39

So guys this is a true story, When Th3 Only one contacted me i wasn't sure whether to join or not but he said i will not regret it and well he was absolutely right! A extremely active guild and i have only seen the academy, Trust just like the only one said to me you won't regret it.

offline LlamaSenpai Hero  
Monday 17/10/2011, 07:01

Great guild cant wait to join smiley

offline Gikun Imperator DL's Knights
Monday 17/10/2011, 11:24

I encourage you to join Brainztorm.
Sir_0nly_0n3 is a very good man.
You won't regret to join him and Braiztorm. smiley

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