offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 05/04/2012, 16:49

Hello all,

After the (chaotic) release of the Standard mode and the first feedbacks, we have taken decisions on several things we want to let your know. We think you will be satisfied with the future improvements we will add first.

• Improvement of the quickbattle system in DTs.

We already made corrections, it seems that the small decks vs big decks problem is far less met. We will keep on working on it until the partition T1/T2 is not a problem any more.

• Penalties on some characters in DTs.

The first 2 points penalties per character are already operational and you can find the list here:
Except for Leader, for the moment there are no penalized Standard characters. It may change, we give ourselves time to analyse DTs.

• DTs divided in two.

Finally we won’t alternate DT’s. We will let you have two DTs at the same time, 1 Standard, 1 Extended. With two different rankings.

• Length of a DT shorten but increase of its frequency.

DTs length will decrease from 1 hour to 45 minutes with a 15 minutes break between each tournament and then you can play again. It means there will be 24 Standard DTs and 24 Extended DTs per day.
To prevent abuses, a limitation of 8 DT credits per day and player will be added (you will receive all other rewards if you play more than 8 DTs).

Survivor Standard and Deathmatch Standard rooms.

They will be open soon, we are working on an update of the flash game.

Questions you may want to ask:

• The number of CR remain at 5. It might change in the future.
• A PM will be sent to you each evening if you made a top 150 during the day so as to inform you if you have won a collector (or not).
• The timer will be reduced from 60 to 50 seconds again.

Have fun

offline ded516 Imperator The Trend
Friday 06/04/2012, 21:18

I like most of what they are doing for dt except for the increase in tournaments from 1 every other hour to one every hour mostly because it will lower the odds for getting a cr from what is currently about 5/3600 too 5/7200 considering no one gets into the top 150 more then once but even if it stays like that it would still be easier to get a cr in dt then it is to somehow get into the top 100 elo and stay there which is hard for most people myself included to accomplish.

offline Gix77 Guru the night stalkers
Friday 06/04/2012, 22:39

Do cards still get the -2 if they're staff ELO banned or is it just the new list for penalty's?

offline FoFPrinnyDood Titan Friends Of Fate
Saturday 07/04/2012, 05:30

Actually, i think the new timer is making things even worse... if you run into an opponent who takes a full minute to play each turn, then the match will last for about 5-6 minutes, right? the way things are now, with more people playing and shorter matches, then within that period of time you'll see your rank drop by at least 50... probably costing you a spot in the top 25. smiley

yeah, so i'm looking at all those changes they made to the tournaments, and i can't seem to find one single thing that i could say is an improvement... smiley well, unless i actually won a Cr lol! smiley

offline ElitePow Imperator New VisioN
Saturday 07/04/2012, 11:11

"if you run into an opponent who takes a full minute to play each turn"
It is also a one way for players to counter all those overpowered cards that should've never been made - Vickie Cr, Koloss... - without waiting for the UR Staff to actually do something about them... If everyone that faces them and that doesn't really hopes to get into the top 150 waits till the very last 5 seconds, any reason to bring them into the DT is gone.

offline MaddAddams Titan Elephant Riders
Saturday 07/04/2012, 13:30

Perhaps I'm alone, but I don't consider Standard a fun or challenging mode. I never liked or played T2, and feel with the release of Standard, my ability to have meaningful games during DT's is limited. Deck-building isn't fun for me if I'm not forced into cutting cards for other cards in order to balance star power. Games become which player drew Ambre/Hugo. There's less chance to play a tactical game hitting 12 damage precisely on the nose or maintaining pill advantage to get three round wins per game (the two main T1 DT strategies IMO). All the cards are swinging for so much damage and nonsense.

Perhaps mirroring the 25 stars for ELO is too stringent. You should still consider a cap such as 30. This would allow my favorite smaller cards like Victoria and Mawpin to actually matter. The cap of 40 might as well be no cap.

Not alternating between Standard and Extended for DT further alienates me from ever playing Standard. As is, I've had my biggest DT scores since the update playing T1 decks in the Extended room and getting paired against similarly sized opponents. So I guess as it stands I'm just going to pretend you didn't roll out a new format at all, which can't be what you're ultimately hoping for.

available Babs Hartley Colossus TRiNiTY
Saturday 07/04/2012, 16:49

You're not alone, MaddAddams.
I've been a loyal fan of this game for over 4 years and I despise the changes.
I don't want to quit UR, but I want the old UR back. Changes are fine, but this is too drastic. It doesn't feel like the game that I love any more.smiley

offline mahdin_DvF Titan D-Versified
Saturday 07/04/2012, 19:27

In the game rules section, this is still there:

"If you win and your team of 4 contained characters banned by staff in ELO, 2 points will be removed per character.
If 2 players have more than 100 points during a tournament, the time allotted to play each round is considerably reduced."

I was under the impression that ELO bans no longer gave DT penalty points, and that time allotted per round was reduced for every battle right from the start.

If I'm wrong please correct me, or if the staff just haven't updated the written rules yet, please could you get round to it soon so as not to confuse the majority of players in UR.

offline Haruka-WMd Titan Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 07/04/2012, 21:06

Well, the new rooms are supposed to be matching star counts to star counts, so you don't get an overstarred hand.

And perhaps the penalty for using Amber/Hugo should be significantly larger. Maybe 5 pts? They do boost the rest of the hand. But card specific penalties might be out of the development budget for UR.

offline Myeltd Titan Limit Break
Saturday 07/04/2012, 21:49

I'd love to see 15min dm rooms. Have them running at the same times as the tournament, so that people could use the breaks in between the tournaments to do that. Mind you, I think you'd need to reduce the numbers for the dm missions in order for it to work.

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