Saturday 30/06/2012, 06:16


Although I've won two DeathMatches with this deck, I think that something's still missing here, as if that this deck is not yet complete.

Can you please help me? smiley

Sunday 01/07/2012, 21:55

Nice deck. It seems fine to me.

Thursday 05/07/2012, 03:34

You've got good deck. smiley

Thursday 05/07/2012, 05:27

Hey how did you enter death match?

Thursday 05/07/2012, 17:24

Go to the rooms menu and then scroll along intill you get to deathmatch or if your using the old game mode it should be near the bottom of the list of rooms.

Friday 20/07/2012, 04:33

Thumbs up for the Extended DM deck, and for having Hitler from Persona as your avatar.

Friday 20/07/2012, 06:46

We both know that that guy in my avatar is not Hitler, right?
It's someone from H.P. Lovecraft's wet dream.

Anyways, do you think that I should change anything in my Extended DM deck?

Friday 20/07/2012, 11:51

I wouldn't change a thing, personally.

Thursday 02/08/2012, 14:15

Get rid of the friggin DR.

It's annoying and only useful in Extended Deathmatch. If you have that kind of power in Standard, you don't even need it.
I have never used DR in Standard and I win 9/10 DM's I play.

Saturday 04/08/2012, 09:18

Use Junkz and Caelus Cr. Simple as that, almost no one will beat you.


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