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Friday 27/07/2012, 13:54

As of today, a new mission type known as the Newblood missions, will make its appearance. Each new character release will be accompanied by a series of 5 Newblood missions.  4 of these will use the characters within the release, while the 5th will carry a prize of 10 credits and will be unlocked on completion of the 4 other missions.  These one-off missions are available for a period of 2 weeks and will be deactivated once the next Newblood missions become available (you will, however, be able to finish the missions you have already started).

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Monday 30/07/2012, 23:40

@ Dr Bluthgeld

Yes that is correct.

offline Farxiga Colossus TRiNiTY
Tuesday 31/07/2012, 00:12

And can we still get the 10 credits?

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Tuesday 31/07/2012, 04:20

@hobbyham: I don't mind at all that the players are weighing in on whether 2 weeks is enough or not. In fact, I think that's great, and I hope UR takes that into consideration. But they have already made NB missions easier on the players by allowing owning the cards in the 2-week period to unlock the missions. If I understand correctly, that would mean you can get your 10 credits any time later on if you get each of the 4 cards during the first two weeks.

What I am confused by is people acting like this is some kind of new, unfair, out-of-the-blue rule. We already do have time limits in the game, and we already do have goals that are a little bit easier for people willing to spend money. Nobody is going to be hurt by the introduction of NB missions. Kudos to the developers for offering a small but positive incentive for people who are willing to drop a few bucks on NB packs every once in a while. Remember that when UR staff get paid, it allows UR to continue to develop, which benefits *everyone* in the game, including non-paying players.

offline kazjun Titan aussie crusaders
Tuesday 31/07/2012, 08:38

I don't mind them bringing in something to encourage people to buy packs. But the time limit is too short. Look, either the missions are something like win 5 rounds or the time needs to be lengthened. Inflict 200 damage with Jean, would be pushing it. Win 200 rounds with Jean? NO.

Yeah, it can be done if you're pushed. For a one off. But every two weeks? You want to encourage people to buy every two weeks, not burn them out. Make sure the next missions have more time, or are far easier. Cause if its something like win 200 rounds with Jean again? Not gonna be attractive.

offline thegoldenorc Veteran R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N
Wednesday 01/08/2012, 00:10

I think everything has pretty well been said. I want to add that I am unhappy about this new function. I love the missions and I regularly spend real cash on buying new blood packs, but this would force us to purchase the cards to gain the new mission points.

Not happy at all. Until this changes and the missions are made available I for one will not be spending another penny on this game and am seriously considering quitting.

Bad, bad move UR Staff. I have been a devotee and ambassador of this game for over two years, running guilds and making my way to a top 60 in the world position. Hugely disappointed smiley

offline GvnOva Master DirtyTwo Card Pickup
Wednesday 01/08/2012, 01:08

Lol the staffs have done so many bad moves this summer smiley)

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 01/08/2012, 12:49

After finding out more I like this idea as it makes lots of new missions and its not as bad as it seems because all you need to do is start the missions e.g 1 win in the 15 wins mission and then you can complete them anytime.

offline thegoldenorc Veteran R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N
Wednesday 01/08/2012, 18:15

One slight problem with that - you need to purchase the cards within 2 weeks.

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 01/08/2012, 21:20


You only need to purchase the cards within 2 weeks if

1) Getting *all* the Mission Points is an arbitrary goal you've set for yourself in UR
2) You want the 10 credits.

I still see no difference between this and any other game goal with a time limit... It's like complaining that a DT or an ELO week are too hard to place in because there isn't enough time, or because the cards you need to do it are too expensive.
Maybe you just can't do it because you don't have the resources. Maybe you CAN do it, but the reward isn't worth the investment. Either way, it shouldn't effect your gaming experience negatively if you can't or don't get the reward. The game constantly rewards those who are willing to work harder or invest more, and that's only fair.

You miss out on possible rewards in this game many times throughout each day... Everyone does. For some reason, missing out on other possible goals hasn't caused any complaints. I genuinely don't understand what it is about this one that has encouraged that. If someone could explain it to me, I would be grateful.

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 02/08/2012, 01:47

You can compete in a DT 12 times a day and ELO 4 times a month. If you miss one, you have an identical chance (for an identical reward) soon after. These missions are five per fortnight, but if you miss one, a DIFFERENT set replaces them. It's five different missions a fortnight.

Think of it the Lds. If you miss an Ld, you miss it. "Why complain you'll get another chance next week?" That's for a different Ld. Now, these missions are more difficult than the most current Lds, but are less rewarding.

Combining the time limit to obtain the cards (clintz or credits?) and unlock the missions, the rask being listed on the mission page (achievements + OCD!), and the original timing of this concepts release (no picking clans in packs -this problem was fixed) and you should be able to see why people aren't too fond of this.

Now, the main (and, as far as I can tell, the only reasonable) complaint is the time limit. If the staff increase the time available that should end all complaints, especially as the newness value is wearing off and the cards are becoming more reasonably priced.

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