Monday 30/07/2012, 09:06

Next week will start the second stage of the Summer of Clint City.
During August guilds are pushed into the limelight in a international
event where, during one month, a new challenge will be given each week.This week on Friday at noon, the top five guilds in the ELO ranking will
receive 400,000 Clintz the founder will share as he/she wishes with
his/her guild members. Even more! As an extra present, ten 200,000
clintz prizes will be randomly rewarded to ten guilds ranked in the top
150 on Friday at noon.Don’t lose time and select at least 4 guild champions so as to automatically participate!

Monday 30/07/2012, 23:03

Will this be applicable to this week or next week?

Tuesday 31/07/2012, 11:13

Where I can see on which place is my guild dragons cro clan ? Are that challenges starts this week or next ? Did I join if I set 4 guild champions ?

Tuesday 31/07/2012, 14:53

@ice dragon
look at the your guild
then choose home. You can see at the middle right of the screen the Game Modes, and the ranking of your guild.
Select 4 of your best players in the guild for a chance to win the prize.

Tuesday 31/07/2012, 15:52

Thanks @O Pride , but there write N/A , what that meen ?

Tuesday 31/07/2012, 16:18

But there is N/A . what that meen ?

Tuesday 31/07/2012, 17:52


Tuesday 31/07/2012, 19:35

But there is N/A . what that meen ?

Tuesday 31/07/2012, 22:42

How to set champions when they are set previously (before you announced this) for this week ?
how ever we set is shown as champion for next week.
who is genius behind this? i think kids in kindergarten would do this better then UR staff smiley

Tuesday 31/07/2012, 22:45

How to set champions when whoever we choose is shown as next week champion smiley

while for this week champions were chosen before this was announced.

i would really like to know who is genius who did this ? probably if some kids in kindergarten were UR staff they would do this much better.smiley

Tuesday 31/07/2012, 22:50

@Ice Dragon

""n/a or N/A is a common abbreviation in tables and lists for not applicable[1][2], not available [3] or no answer[4]. It is used to indicate when information in a certain table Cell is not provided, either because it does not apply to a particular case in question or because the answer is not available.

NA is an initialism which carries the same latter meaning. A slash is not used in an initialism or acronym.

N/A may also refer to Neurotics Anonymous, predecessor of Emotions Anonymous, which uses N/A to distinguish itself from Narcotics Anonymous (NA)[5]"" -Wikipedia

I'm betting on the first or fifth.


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