offline Boing Legend  
Monday 06/08/2012, 12:33

The list of ELO banned characters has been updated.See below for an overview of the changes made.
The following cards have been permanently added to the list of characters banned in ELO:
- Spyke (Berzerk)
- Lehane (Sentinel)
- Draheera (GHEIST)
- Lea (Rescue)
- Elvira (Rescue)
The following cards have been permanently removed from the list of characters banned in ELO:
- Kerry (Rescue)
- Sledg (Rescue)

offline Sonylicious Guru  
Monday 06/08/2012, 21:43

Now instead of spyke + cortez, Which i do and its pretty good combo. i will now do elvis +cortez. :/.

offline fcporto17 Senior  
Monday 06/08/2012, 22:04

Emeth should be unbanned to xD

offline peladaum Titan  
Monday 06/08/2012, 23:03

I still think Spyke is unfair, said what ypu may, he is not over powered for elo, yes I said it.

Draheera made me sad, it was my favourite Elo card, together with Lea. But Lea deserved, she was very annoying.

I particularly loved Kerry´s return, she is awesome for elo survivor. Elvira was good too, but buckler can do her job, in a different way, but still can provide a good game.

My only wish was to see Hawk back, as the took Lehane from the Sentinel. But this will never happen. So...

offline Very Salty Hero  
Monday 06/08/2012, 23:27

Urban becoming unplayable

offline woembchen Master  
Monday 06/08/2012, 23:57

Good bans, definitely. This will bring a little variety in the elo game.

Oh and I really don't get why you guys think rescue got buffed in this update, imo they got considerably weaker.
Sure, 6 and 7 damage look nice. But those low star utility cards are more important than they look.

offline MaddAddams Titan Elephant Riders
Tuesday 07/08/2012, 00:07

Lehane had it coming. What she gives for 2* is completely busted, just like Gil.

offline NickyG425 Master  
Tuesday 07/08/2012, 00:48

You gotta be kidding me. I have been using GHEIST since I started playing and always loved Draheera. Why so much hate against the GHEIST?? It's rarely used in ELO and now even more rare. Lost our best 2* in Arkn and now our best 4*. smiley

offline M1NDFR34K Guru  
Tuesday 07/08/2012, 01:13

About4turtles They should only have banned Elvira because now it's kinda hard to make mono Rescue since Lea was a big part of a ELO deck with them and ofc you can take Krash but he is just not the best.

offline battle fury Imperator Face Everything And Rejoice
Tuesday 07/08/2012, 02:09

Sledg and kerry is a s-kerry combo. get it? s-kerry... haha

offline M1XTAPE Legend  
Tuesday 07/08/2012, 02:38

Kerry old, kerry old, kerry 1, kerry old. No reason to bring her back. Should have unbanned lou instead since you let fuzz and xu52 be played.

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