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Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction. Any resemblance to real people and events is coincidental and/or for familiarity purposes only. Enjoy!

David was sifting through the pile of papers on his desk when the clock hit 8:30. They were his assignments for the day, which would probably occupy him for the rest of the week. He randomly took one and swiveled his chair around to face the window overlooking the Clint City bay.

His office was located on the 69th floor of Clint Tower- headquarters of the Urban Rivals Staff. He’s the only senior field agent of Operations Support Division. Many of his fellow field agents chose to transfer after a few months to other departments like the R&D Beta-test Department on the 13th floor. They reasoned out that the workload in OSD was just too much. The others just stopped reporting to work for some reason.

As he read the details of the assignment, someone knocked on his door. He turned his chair around just in time to see a tall woman with orange hair tied into a ponytail close the door behind her. The woman wore a long-sleeved tight-fitting shirt and dark jeans, and was carrying a bulky folder. Printed on the front of her shirt was the name “Kate”.

“Good morning, K. Are you here to ruin my day again?” asked David. “I’m always amazed by how you make tooth extractions seem pleasant. In fact, I think I’ll schedule three today.” He grabbed his phone and feigned dialing a number.

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Sunday 12/08/2012, 14:13

I find it awesome to know that my thread has an avid fan- DeepEnd. Keep it up, mate. I need the bumps. Just make sure to avoid spamming it since I believe the staff doesn't allow those. smiley

@readers-of-my-fanfic: To filter out posts from other players, all you need to do is tick the box that says "Only show messages from the author and admins". There are two: one is below the introductory post, and another above the reply input box. This way, you can follow my story without being sidetracked. smiley

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This is great stuff! I'm an aspiring writer too and this piece of fanfiction is a cut above anything I've seen on UR. (Although admittedly Boostr doesn't give us much story or canon to go on.) Could use a small change in wording to suit the tone more, though. But that's just me.

You should really think about writing for the UR magazine! I know Only One could use someone like you. smiley

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Monday 13/08/2012, 14:30

@WMDuessel: Thanks. I honestly try to choose my words to fit the situation and match what I want to convey... but I'm just an amateur writer (if I could even be called that). Thanks for the insight though. I'll keep that in mind. smiley

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Will you be making more fan fictions like this? Heres a idea for another one "Jack keeps losing his matches ( he is still usinghis start up cards ), he is level 38 and doesnt relise he has a clint city bank account.

Or maybe a story where a player wins the tombola

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Using his*

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“My apologies, Master David, but I do not know. If it has nothing to do with candies, I want nothing to do with it." Candy Jack shrugged. "I heard it was an abomination though."

They stopped in front of a room with white double doors. Etched on a chrome-coated metal plate above the doors was the word “laboratory”. A commotion can be heard from the other side, and someone was howling in pain.

“I would take my leave here, Master David. But before I do, are you sure you do not want some candy? Even a tiny taste? It’s life-changing.”

“No, I’m good. Thanks. Maybe next time.”

Candy Jack nodded, and quickly walked away. “This is why I only go after children,” Candy Jack grumbled, disappearing around a corner.

David tightened his grip on his briefcase and entered the laboratory. The room was in complete disarray. The metal tables where Dieter would dissect subjects were all punctured and bent. Broken glass, probably from test tubes and flasks, littered the floor. The cabinets and shelves which housed jars of grotesque samples were smashed. The smell of burnt and putrid flesh filled the air, making David gag. There were also colored liquids on the floor; some of them resembled blood. David hoped that the stuff he was standing on wouldn’t turn him into some hairy tentacled monster the next morning.


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That's my guildmate smiley

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In the middle of the room, Glorg, Nistarok, and Kenny were engaged in a fight against a large creature. The creature looked like it was sewn together using body parts from different cadavers, which made it huge, bulky, and disfigured. It had two huge powerful arms, reaching all the way down to the floor and a third one on its back. On its torso is a gaping hole where a putrid stench emanated.

The trio appeared to be losing the fight. Glorg had a big chunk of his right forearm missing, and there was a visible crack running across his face. Two of Nistarok’s head were unconscious and severely disfigured; the third one had a swollen left eye. Kenny was clutching his right shoulder and blood trickled down the side of his face. Glorg was trying to prevent the creature from moving by holding on to its torso in a bear hug while Nistarok and Kenny attacked. David figured Kenny was focusing his attacks on its eyes due to the burn marks on the creature's head, but it didn't appear to have much effect.

Suddenly, a blood-curdling howl came from the right corner of the room. David turned to see a hairy figure curled up on the floor. It was Russel. He had deep cuts all over his body, and it looked like he broke one or two of his ribs. Beside him lay the lifeless body of K Cube.


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Tuesday 21/08/2012, 09:40

The end. jk lol

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David lowered and unfastened his briefcase. " That's enough, Kenny," he called out. "I'll handle it from here."

Kenny and Nistarok stopped and turned towards the newcomer. Kenny nodded, and as if on cue, Glorg hurled the creature to the farthest corner of the room.

“Let’s go, Taro,” said Kenny as he and Nistarok quickly exited the room. “Good luck, David.” Kenny said to David as he passed him. Glorg grabbed Russel and K Cube before following his young master out.

“WHO ARE YOU?” growled the creature as it lumbered towards David. “YOU NOT LIKE MASTER'S SURVANTS... YOU SMELL LIKE GUY YESTURDAY.”

David caught a glimpse of a familiar jacket inside the belly of the beast. So that's why Jonathan didn't report to work today, he thought. He shook his head. He'd have to deliver the news to Jonathan's girlfriend later.

David slowly took out two silver pistols from his briefcase and trained them at the creature. Etched in gold on the sides of both guns were the words “The Fix”.

“Hi, there... Pudge... You don't mind me calling you that, right?" Pudge roared and threw what looked like a meat cleaver at David. David sidestepped and the cleaver struck the wall behind him.

"My name is David, UR Staff Operations Support Division,” he paused and smirked. “Troubleshooter.”

Two shots rang out.


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