Saturday 24/11/2012, 07:54

I want to sell my Jungo

I have:
Adler (0xp)-1500
Ashiko (full)- 450
Borss (0xp)-230
Chill (full)-11k
Dagouba (0xp)-620
Elea (full)-2000
Greow (0xp)-6k
Odile (0xp)-1200
Psylo (0xp)-1600
Ronald (full)- 1000
Scotty (0xp)-1600
Somba (0xp)-800
Wendy (0xp)-1500
rowdy (full)-15k
gil (full)-16k
Tremorh (full)-3700

im looking for
Ongh, 50k
Felicia, 1k
Nanook, 3k
Serena, 8k
pm me for a faster response

Saturday 24/11/2012, 19:10

Prices on cards are negotiable XD


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