offline Icarus Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 03/12/2012, 18:42

This is new elo. 2006 style with the way they're giving out cr's

0 Mario Gomez from guild Les fous alliés won Kiki Cr. (1451 elo)
KAMICAZE ONE from guild ® CVM LAVDE ™ won Lyse Teria Cr. (1442 elo)
El Shaarawy- from guild Guardia de la Noche won Manon Cr. (1424 elo)
Adam Richman from guild TrAitorzZz won Shawoman Cr. (1420 elo)
-Paspar2- from guild NOVA won Lao Cr. (1413 elo)
W4dner from guild Fuzz¥on won NDololo Cr. (1412 elo)
1F - SyD from guild Fairplay won Ambrose Cr. (1410 elo)
UoS_Immortal from guild UNION OF THE SUPREMES won Elya Cr. (1410 elo)
ablam1ngo_BB from guild The Big Bang won Reine Cr. (1408 elo)

hay, mods and staff please respect my opinion but we do know this is not the elo we used to have before,

big 5 cr's where 1470-1490 range
manon cr, scarlett etc are at 1450-1460

and look what I just saw...

Elo needs a reformation smiley

P.S. an Old elo player

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Monday 03/12/2012, 19:08

So what you're saying is, ELO is shameful now because it used to take 2-3 more wins for a big Cr? Hmm...

I think what you're seeing is just supply and demand. Less people are playing ELO, the competition is a little less stiff than it used to be...

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Monday 03/12/2012, 19:52


There should be more of those given, the prices have gone way up... no-one can afford them anymore

offline misterjones Titan Limit Break
Monday 03/12/2012, 22:15

I think it was the opposite, ghelas-- the competition was rather stiff last week, as evidenced by nobody making the top 100 without a rating of 1400-- I assume that more players were actively trying for Kiki and Lyse Teria. I would suggest that many of the top players who are there every week, regardless of prizes, may have had a tougher road than normal, which is why the winners didn't have as high ratings as they normally do.

@Icarus: Get with the new, or find a new game smiley

offline Sicba Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 04/12/2012, 00:40

"1 Collector card(s) for 12 random players from the ELO Tournament Top 100 "

Simple as that, nowhere is it stated that better cards (or to be precise, more expensive ones) are for 1470 or more, so I dont get what you want? A free CR? We all would want that, thats where the "random" part kicks in...

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Tuesday 04/12/2012, 02:42

That's entirely possible, too. Although the low end is lower than it used to be (I remember when 1420 was what you needed to feel secure in sneaking into t100) the high end is still high -- there have been recent 1500+ scores, and scores close to that.

offline slav.georgiev.3 Senior  
Tuesday 04/12/2012, 08:24

As a new player, I must say the current ELO makes very little sense to me. ELO is a week long tournament. In order to be successful you need the funds for a good deck, a lot of time and effort dedicated consistently, and in the end you barely get anything. ELO is supposed to be the Super Bowl or the Champions League of UR, the big tournament that beats out all little DT's and Survivor bouts by reward and prestige. I get more clintz and more credits by participating in one DT a day, it's ridiculous. There's no stimulus to play ELO where once a week if I've been good I get as many clintz and credits as I get if I score one lucky streak on Survivor just once, or if I dedicate 50 minutes of game time on one DT.

There are several problems that I see in ELO right away, even if I'm a new player.

1. Metagame is a vital part of every CCG but in UR most clans have around 20 useful cards, a handful of overpowered ones and a bunch of underpowered cards, so there's a finite number of combinations that perform consistently, and it is heavily influenced by what OP cards are not banned this week. UR already has the artwork, why not rework some of the less useful cards, give them a little boost to add variety and competition for deck spots in each clan?

2. Up the prices, make it worth the weekly dedication.

3. Add tournament format - Groups, Playoffs, Elimination? It is doable despite the time zone differences. Make it an event.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 04/12/2012, 09:58

Adding Crs to Dt is what makes ELO prizes seem small

ELO is still the easiest 10 creds you can get
the low elo scores needed for top 100 is due to the lower number of players
1420 was no guarantee for top 100. now 1420 gets you in comfortably

offline subclavianHoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 05/12/2012, 02:49

Two big 5s were offered, and only 9300 players and a 1873712 Clintz jackpot smiley

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 05/12/2012, 08:01

DT = 70 Crs per week
ELO = 12 Crs per week

However, ELO offers more control over your odds of winning, and if you are a regular t100 player, you can really cash in. The odds of winning one of the Big 5 through DT is very low, while winning at least one of them if you're a consistent top 20 ELO player is pretty much eventually guaranteed.

My theory is that ELO has become a mode for the skilled minority, with people who strive for consistently high scores through streaks instead of grinding. About 20% of ELO players who have always wanted Crs, but couldn't make t100, migrated to DTs.

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