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Monday 14/01/2013, 18:24

Hi, Im AquaSnake, the founder of guild:1889076. We are going to be a unique guild. A door to join the great guild City Kings and take part of their events and advantages.
To join us you only need lv 5, and know how to use google translator XD.
Why join us if they have lv +5 too? Because if you do, you will join them ready for all, with experience and they will trust you because you come from the "farm guild". If you apply directly you will have to pass some "security" questions and wait to know if you will be accepted or not too.

Remember, they are lv +5 now, but we're their "farm guild", so they will elevate the lever to +25.

Well, we can give you the key to enter in City Kings, but what else could we make for you?
-We could teach you anything you need to know, even some tricks with decks, stars and points that only experienced players knows.
-We could give you our frienship, what will make you feel here like in your home.
-We could offer you to take part in some events of the Main Guild, City Kings, so you can "taste" your future home and know a bit your future friends and allies.

So if you have read all and wants to join us keep reading, here is the link:

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Clint City, day.