[Trade] Many Cr's for clintz or cards

Monday 11/02/2013, 02:30

I have to trade:

Elya Cr - Miss Twice Cr - Page Cr - Nahi Cr - Tessa Cr - Swidz Cr - Diyo Cr - Cassio Cr - Marlysa Cr - Splata Cr - Geuner Cr - Seldnor Cr - Kerozinn Cr - Thaumaturge Cr - Ombre Cr - Selsya Cr - Beltran Cr - Dwain Cr - Ambrose Cr - Jim Cr - Skullface Cr - Reine Cr - A Award Cr - Dragan Cr

I am looking for clintz or cards. Will entertain all offers.

Monday 11/02/2013, 06:25

[EXCH/TRADE] + title
Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for.
Write the name of the card/s you want to give in return.

If you are also willing to sell them, please write the price that you want for them smiley

Wednesday 13/02/2013, 13:42

Hello again mates, Im looking to trade the Cr's at current market value. Im looking mainly for bulk Graks and Zatman. happy trading!

Wednesday 13/02/2013, 20:13

Trading Lamar Cr for the following:

Oflgn(9k), Naele(8.5k), Dregn(52k), GraksmxxT(49k), Zatman (28k), Maurice(7k), Lady (15.5k), Kazayan (12.5k), Jeeves (5k), Herman (5k), Hefty (8k), Shayna (10k), Serena (7.5k), Oraya (11k), Hikiyousan (20k), Gabrielle (5.1k), Michael (18k), Jay (12.5k), Uranus (28k), Stella (6.8k), SkrumxxT (6.7k), Sigma (6k), Shakra (22k), Ratanah (13.1k), Lucy (4.7k), Louise (17k), Diana (8.2k), Clover (9k), Selma (14k), Hawkins (12k), Oshitsune (4.8k)

Total of 435.8k at current market values

Thursday 14/02/2013, 01:55

What do you value 200 Chiara Cr 0exp?

Thursday 14/02/2013, 04:00


Thursday 14/02/2013, 13:24

2 Blaaster Cr, 4 Kenny Cr, 1 Robb Cr vs Splata


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