offline 3M Andrei 3x Senior Urban United
Wednesday 13/02/2013, 20:13


This event should be more challenging then the previous one.

Round 1: "warm up"

- all players will play against everybody, and you have to score a certain nr of points to go to next round; this round is to test the activity of players

- there will be prizes for top 3 players

- duration 1 week

- deck format: 4x2* & 4x3* from 2 clans

Round 2: "fairplay"

- at this time there will be groups

- duration 1 week

- deck format: everybody will use the same deck, which will be posted

Round 3: "old school"

- the players that will move from previous round, will play old urban-rivals style, meaning: no pillz, and some banned clanns that have bonus +/- attack

You can use any kind of Deck.You must play in BIG 2.You can train in BIG 2 [Practice].The random option is set to: no random, the highest attack always wins.Note: the 2 rooms dictate the deck format & your fights in the training room will not be taken into account.
If win (normal) then add point(s), 3 pts to player.If timed out win then add point(s), 3 pts to player.If default win then add point(s), 3 pts to player.If draw then add point(s), 1 pts to player.Note: if a situation is not accounted for by one of the calculation rules, that situation will not carry any points.
Sponsors with cards and clintz are more than welcome.

Sponsor List:
3M Kyba - Minerva, Lady, Edd Cr

There will be more prizez added

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