Thursday 28/02/2013, 15:29

OK, after few days of preparing and discussing it, I'm gonna release my first really massive event
No maximum number of player, but I want it to be at least 100, we will see how soon we'll reach it

In today's world each one of us is given new obstacle to beat every single day, some of us even every other hour...
You have to fight the unfavorable circumstances, your enemies, and sometimes your friends...
You have to fight for your right, fight for your prize, fight for your live, Fighting For Survival

This is meant to be massive, long-lasting battle event with many custom deck formats and some non-battling twists
The 8 players that survive through all the peril I will have for you will battle in a KO ladder tourny for the final prizes

The podium prize are really decent cr, provided by the UR staff, thank you Goralion

Thursday 28/02/2013, 19:33

Lets go!

Sunday 03/03/2013, 20:49

Spaces are filling up, but there's still plenty left
Fighting For Survival

Thursday 07/03/2013, 08:00

Join people, join
I'm gonna start it next week if I have over 100 players

Friday 08/03/2013, 10:34

Cmon people

don't be afraid and you will prevail

Saturday 09/03/2013, 23:58

Halfway there

keep joining and it will start next week

Sunday 10/03/2013, 22:50

There is still great (well, infinite tbh) amount of free spots

join up people

gonna start it next Monday 18th, hope I will have 100 players by then
Fighting For Survival

Tuesday 12/03/2013, 16:58

Join while you still can, event is starting next Monday

Thursday 14/03/2013, 18:25

Prize list updated by first donations

you're still welcome to join


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