[SELL/TRADE] 2x Elya cr 0xp and Sigmund cr 0xp

Saturday 30/03/2013, 11:49

I sell/trade 2 copies of Elya Cr both 0xp, their value is 550k.
I sell Sigmund Cr 0xp also, evaluated 600k.

I'm looking for:
playable crs (Edd Cr 24k, Kenny Cr 36k, Robb Cr 38k, Smokey Cr 45k, Blaaster Cr 70k, Kerozinn Cr 310k , Jackie Cr 120k, Tanaereva Cr 205k, Caelus Cr 100k)
cards like:
Dorian 25k, Zatman 25k, Kalindra 77k, Copper 30k, Mona 31k, Uranus 31k, X-0DUS 48k, Dregn 51k, Tsubame 60k, Lizbeth 61k...

No lots 0xp!

Pm for negotiation! smiley

Thanks mod! smiley

Sunday 31/03/2013, 16:35

I reduce the price of Elya Cr 0xp at 530k/t and Sigmund Cr 0xp at 550k...

Tuesday 02/04/2013, 08:50

I reduce again the price of Elya Cr 0xp at 500k/t and Sigmund Cr 0xp at 500k smiley

Wednesday 03/04/2013, 10:07

Revaluate Elya Cr to 480k and Sigmund Cr to 450k...

Wednesday 03/04/2013, 18:54

1 Elya Cr sold...

Thursday 04/04/2013, 11:40

Still here 1 Elya Cr 0xp and Sigmund Cr 0xp...

Thursday 04/04/2013, 23:09

Sigmund gone, remain one Elya cr 0xp, her price is now 460k...

Friday 05/04/2013, 13:40

If u keep reducing her price until she is like 50k I will take hersmiley

Saturday 06/04/2013, 11:29

Elya Cr 0xp still here...


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