Monday 22/04/2013, 10:06

As most of you know, it is not uncommon to see multi-accounts in ELO. you see these level 17s topping 1470 with cards like Kerozinn Cr, and nothing is ever done about it, at least before the tournament ends. Clearly, players with the time and skill level to use two or more accounts to top 100 will do so without discretion, and knock other players off the list too.

Take for example, this ********. His account was created on: April 18th! To think a player with no stars (therefore has never purchased credits) has a full ELO Uppers deck is unfathomable, especially since his battle points indicate he could not have made that much clintz. From this, we can safely hypothesize that it is a multi-account. No proof? Moderators can always trace the IP, my suspicion is UNOWEN, since they both run the same deck and apparently speak French, but a guess is a guess. (I beat this guy btw, before someone says I'm whining about a loss:   00:07 Elo you won by forfeit against mandanga55 (8-6): 1348 ELO)

UR really should put a more sophisticated system in place for smurfs. The current method of reporting is slow, and usually ineffective. It's easy enough to trace and find out by comparing IPs and trade history, as a few of the moderators I know have pointed out. Hopefully something gets done.

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Monday 22/04/2013, 10:10

******** is another example he won General Cr last week and he was only level 16 -__-
This week he's again in top 10 (7th place atm)

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Sunday 21/04/2013, 18:52

It's ignored for a week, just goes to show.

Monday 22/04/2013, 10:12

Nope isnt ******* put a green on my preset mandang insulted me

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Sunday 21/04/2013, 19:17

Well anyways this truly needs to be dealed with

Mods to the Rescue! (not me..i no mod smiley )

Monday 22/04/2013, 10:13

******** ?

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Sunday 21/04/2013, 20:34

Right, since it's impossible for a person to act like someone else on the internet. And you know, if you have to get an alias you don't want to keep the same friends just to be sure none of them blow your cover.

Sunday 21/04/2013, 20:56

People use bots to gain xp.
People use pfulls to gain xp.

Both these methods take a very short amount of effort and time to gain xp.

Any respect for the guy who had to spend 8 hrs a day just to keep up with those people? Nope. UR aint gonna change.

I am giving an analogy of me compared to the other people who earn xp at an extremely fast rate.

Sunday 21/04/2013, 21:05

Too many multis in elo!!

Sunday 21/04/2013, 21:12

Very good point, I hope these are dealt with.
I personally suspect that at least 1-2 of the low-levels that do well in ELO may be new accounts... In other words, it's only an issue if someone is gleefully hitting T100 multiple times within one week. If it's just someone who wanted a change of identity, maybe because other T100 players were catching on to his strategies or because of some personal reason, IMO it's okay. But two players with one IP getting ELO rewards is completely unacceptable.


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