offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Friday 03/05/2013, 11:15

The arrival in Clint City of mysterious individuals playing the part of righters of wrongs does not seem unconnected to the deployment of Dreadlash, the powerful Vortex captain, into the heart of the city. And Shazam, the clairvoyant machine will now only predict grisly futures to visitors of the Freaks circus. In fact this might explain why Cortez, who was perhaps aware of the threat hanging over the city, finally decided to release Konrad to defend Berzerk territory. Who knows, maybe globe-trotter, Florida Jane who's just back from her travels might be able to shed some light on the mystery. One thing's for sure, Clint city is in uproar and the clans are on their guard.

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offline 0 ComeAtMe Titan aussie crusaders
Friday 03/05/2013, 11:16

Dreadlash looks so cool. His stats are amazing and works in synergy with his clan bonus.

offline HHM_Dota2 Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
Friday 03/05/2013, 11:18

Zoltan from step up

offline HoA Grim Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 03/05/2013, 11:21

SHAZAM! NB! Alright.smiley

offline Frowns Imperator At the End of the World
Friday 03/05/2013, 11:22

KONRAD 1HKOS WITH TIMBER!!!!!1111111eleventyone

In all seriousness, this guy seems like he could be really effective. Imagine this scenario in an ELO setting:

Turn 1: Roger hits, Opponent is down to 8 life.
Turn 2: Konrad hits, Opponent is down to 2 life.
Turn 3: Survive, Opponent is down to 1 life.
Turn 4: Survive, Opponent is down to 0 life.

Of course, this is assuming no SOA. Or SOB. Or DRs. Or +life. Or 2HKOs from the opponent.

You know what, Konrad might just be kinda mediocre.

offline Whitedragon11 Eternal Limit Break
Friday 03/05/2013, 11:30

Good release today. Dreadlash is my favorite, get more pills the round before and dominate with him smiley

To check out their abilities and final arts, check out Predestined Encounters

offline AmberRed1994 Veteran  
Friday 03/05/2013, 11:53

Konrad's actually very playable, not strong but not weak either. with 8 power, a successful hit on the first turn will bring a total of 9 damage theoretically. Against the best DR out there Uranus, Konrad can still deal 6 damage on first turn. Whoever said that just because his poison minimum is 0, you have to use that to KO the opponent? At the end of the day the winner is the one with the highest Life anyway. 8 power is pretty strong and I might use this card next to Elvis in Elo.

Shazam's Copy bonus will not only help to put him on equal footing against many cards, but also allow him to land in his poison against Piranas and Nightmare, and Shazam's better than Hula or Bikini Joe Ld in terms of stat and star count. A viable choice next to the already abundant 2*s Esmeralda, Wonald and Bertha.

Dreadlash is really strong unless your opponent also has power/attack manipulation. I'd like to compare him with Lehane because both cards are incredibly strong, but will not be banned until very much later due to the low damage (which was what happened to Lehane.) So, use him while you can. Good synergy with Vortex as someone pointed out, and I'll use this before Deea. Also, epic art by new artist?

Florida Jane Miss Clint City! Very nice art. For walling/offence we already have Lena (not used often) and for defence, Charlie or Leela. This card is a little bit of both, can be considered for versatility, but honestly is not very much better than her counterparts.

offline Boing Legend  
Friday 03/05/2013, 12:27

The artist of Dreadlash also made Luke and will be doing some more soon smiley

offline 0 Braxter Hero  
Friday 03/05/2013, 13:02

The art of Dreadlash is fantastic and would definitely like to see more from artist, but yet another release without a Quirky card? sup with that?

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Friday 03/05/2013, 13:03

Nice release. Konrad and Shazam are probably going to see regular ELO play, although Berzerk still desperately need a really solid round-winner.

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