offline -- U3-LAW -- Hero GLI INTOCCABILI
Saturday 04/05/2013, 16:55

Hi all

exchange my Lyse teria cr Full that I value 6M500k

for her I'm looking for:

Cr : Jackie Cr Marlysa Cr Kerozinn Cr Vickie Cr Lamar Cr Splata Cr Tanaereva Cr end others

Carte : di 10k in su : Max 50 esemplari : Kolos GraksmxxT Uranus Copper Dregn Dagg Marina Ghumbo Spyke Cortez and others

offline MaXaKaGuiRiS Titan Game Over
Wednesday 15/05/2013, 12:45

3.000.000 pure cash + marlysa cr (1.350.000) + armanda cr 0xp (850.000)+ kerozinn cr (400.000)
total 5.800.000 for your lyse teria cr

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