Sunday 26/05/2013, 03:00

What is a good, competitive standard tourney deck for about 25,000? Also, just curious - what are the dominant decks in standard right now? Standard would be the cheapest and easiest format, as opposed to extended, correct? Thanks!

Sunday 26/05/2013, 04:43

Just curious: La Junta, La Junta, La Junta, Junkz, Sakrohm, Sentinel, Berzerk and Vortex.
Cheapest, not necessary but there aren't any 100K+ crs to clutter the fights. Easiest, yes probably kinda.

Sunday 26/05/2013, 05:39

Also, don't forget that La Junta's pretty good.

haha, seriously though, Sentinel form the basis of a relatively cheap deck. You can get one of these for around 17k.
Core of the deck is Harvey, Jakson, Havok, Sammy, John.

Other cards worth considering include: Martha, Tobbie, Valentina Ld, Melvin

Monday 27/05/2013, 17:06

Ok thanks guys!

Monday 27/05/2013, 17:53

@ badna: John, Tobbie and Melvin ate not standard though.

you can use Katja Luke Morgan and Thomy in standard for them. which is not really a good deal...

Tuesday 28/05/2013, 17:30

La Junta, Vortex, Berzerk Uppers.


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