DT Question

Wednesday 10/07/2013, 04:08

If I get in the top 150 multiple times in a day lets say 3 times. Is my name entered into the Cr lottery 3 times orrr just once?

Wednesday 10/07/2013, 04:27

Just once.

Wednesday 10/07/2013, 05:27

Unless two of those were in different formats (1 for Standard and 1 for Extended), since the two run separate draws.

Wednesday 10/07/2013, 08:35

Good point DoomBug, granted the more times you place in the top 150, the marginally higher chances you have to win. This is because each player only gets 1 entry per draw (extended or standard), therefore you eliminate the possibility of another player getting a ballot in the draw.

Wednesday 10/07/2013, 10:24

Good point, so basically if the top 150 people played all the dt's one day and placed in the same spot, only 150 people would be entered into the lottery. Although this is near to impossible to happen

Wednesday 10/07/2013, 15:15

Essentially, yes, that should be the case. Though, as you said, it is extremely unlikely.


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