Saturday 20/07/2013, 06:35


A Battle event following the concept of Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Rock: Glorg (mono Nightmare deck)
Paper: Shizawa (mono Fang Pi Clang deck)
Scissors: Effie (mono Pussycats deck)

Assuming bonuses:
Glorg vs. Shizawa = Shizawa keeps 8 base damage and has +1 power
Shizawa vs. Effie = Shizawa has +1 power, but reduced to 2 damage, while Effie would be increased to 8 damage
Effie vs. Glorg = Same base power, but Glorg has +4 damage and cancels the ability and bonus of Effie.

Mono-clan 25* decks, with a few banned cards (Nightmare, Fang Pi Clang, or Pussycats).
Must contain Glorg, Shizawa, or Effie depending on which clan you choose.
Deck must be posted in the proper chat section before the event is started. You will not be allowed to change your deck once this has begun.

ROUND 1 (2 Weeks)
48 Players (16 per clan)(first come, first served)
Everybody fights everyone in their own clan. Top half from each clan will advance. Best score for each will receive a prize.

ROUND 2 (2-3 Weeks, TBD)
24 players (8 per clan)
Everybody fights everyone from the other clans. Top 3 overall scores will win the prizes.

Sunday 21/07/2013, 04:03

Cheap Entrance Fee! Excellent prizes (in addition to the Jackpot)

Still have quite a few openings. Nightmare seems to be the popular choice so far. Do we have any Pussycats or Fang Pi Clang challengers?

Sunday 21/07/2013, 09:19

I'm probably going to join the event, let me make 2,000 clintz first.

The concept seems interesting smiley

Tuesday 23/07/2013, 06:31


Still plenty of spaces left!

Tuesday 23/07/2013, 18:04

Where's all of our Pussycats and Fang Pi Clang players? Who's up for a cheap challenge with good prizes?

Thursday 25/07/2013, 06:45

Going to cap it at 24 players (8 per clan), unless I get a lot more interest. Everyone will advance to round 2 in that case.

Only one spot left at the moment for Nightmare, still looking for several Pussycats and Fang Pi Clang players! I will start a waiting list to fill spots if I get more than 24, if the clan you want already has 8.

Thursday 25/07/2013, 17:59

Rock (Nightmare) is full for the moment. I will accept more once I get 4 more Fang Pi Clang and 5 more Pussycats players.

Friday 26/07/2013, 17:49

A few more small prizes added! Now something small for 2nd place in each clan for round 1, and prizes for top 6 overall in round 2!

Still need 4 more Fang Pi Clang and 5 more Pussycats players, and will accept more!

Also accepting donations, if anyone is able to help out! I thought the prizes I am giving out are already pretty good, considering the cheap entrance fee, but a bit disappointed in the lack of interest in the event!

Sunday 28/07/2013, 02:50


Wednesday 31/07/2013, 19:51

I was hoping to start on Friday, but it seems there's a lack of interest. I'll give it a few extra days and see what happens.


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