[RECR] EXCALIBUR Probationary Recruitment Drive

Tuesday 30/07/2013, 21:34

We are starting this recruitment drive for probationary members, after admin consensus on this we reached some time back. Because we have some 'parked memberships' which are not doing our guild a fat lotta good.
So we are gonna recruit 25 good prospective ELO players who are 1350, even 1300+, then put them on a 3 month probation.
Pls Pm me or an admin for details.
Mind, people, we will take just 25 members, not one more, so the early bird gets the worm. ;-)

Wednesday 31/07/2013, 01:31

Assa's already in the guild merl. Also, if we're talking about commission then I'd much rather have it be like a car sale (in that I get 2 free test drives and can pee in the trunk).

Wednesday 31/07/2013, 01:40

Assa is La Cosa Nostra. He's into gambling only while I run the girly business.
Don Dia who is the founder has given strict instructions what each one of us should do.
Char was in coca business, but he mistook a message from the Don, and sent 3000 kgs of coca Cola ina chartered flight instead of 3 tonnes of the good stuff, and been recalled to Sicily.
Assa is also recalled and is in sicily now, for a formal investigation into how we misuse Excalibur's sex slaves.
So don't worry, I am in charge here, right now, and am trying my best to bring our guild in par with some of the other whoring guilds before assa catch up on my act. :-P

Wednesday 31/07/2013, 02:26

One down, 21 remaining!
Gratz, Myeltd! You decided well!!!

Wednesday 31/07/2013, 16:10

Sorry folks, to announce that UR admins outvoted my proposal for recruitment and I am closing recruitment for now, for all players except people who meet all our criteria and join as members. No visits either.
Mods, please close this thread.


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