[AUCTION] Bertha 0 xp -----NO RESERVE PRICE----- LESS THAN 24H

Saturday 03/08/2013, 17:08

200 Bertha 0 xp available.

Here are some expectations when you bid for this lot.
1) Clintz ONLY
2) Transaction via Secure Trade.
3) All bids must be posted in this thread.

This auction will end on 4th August 2013 at roughly 7pm GMT +8.

Sunday 04/08/2013, 13:20

smiley i was out smiley

Sunday 04/08/2013, 13:25

Okay thank you Angel. smiley

@Eagle: Why you no bid more ? smiley

Sunday 04/08/2013, 13:29

Cyber you can extend the auction if you want, if you think you'll get a better price smiley

Sunday 04/08/2013, 13:57

It is okay smiley I'm a man of words. Congratz Trippie.


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