offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Monday 05/08/2013, 11:56

Before you guys start bashing me blah they are weak against SoB/SoA blah STOP and think about it!

Huracan, no doubt has easily one of the best bonuses in game especially ELO. Rescue hands down had the best bonus, but Huracan now bests the limit by starting at a WHOPPING +14 attack. Also, its almost a joke that they don't even have to be used in mono, half decks make the best combinations, coupled with something defensive like Jungo/ Pussy or wtv they can work great. By starting with an advantage like this, it is actually incredibly EASY to keep on the advantage and not losing the edge on your bonus, keeping that +14 attack for 1 or 2 more turns.

Comparison with other +/-attack clans: Makes other clans seem like a joke, only montana/uppers come CLOSE~

Anyway, enough with the bonus, lets look at the cards and synergy.

Zapatino: easily one of the best 2*s, in the game with support of its bonus. 2* counterpart ivy (considered a good card), she has a least potent bonus (in most cases) and a higher minimum.. what?

Derby queen: Sorry what? You say 7/5? For a 2* with a beast bonus? Wow.. i dont care if its situational, reprisal is one of the easier activation skills.

El gascaro: Good card, but ability is almost broken together with bonus. And your opponent has to block too, 6 damage is no easy deal.

El matador: Great stats, solid ability albeit situational again works well with bonus.

Continued on the next post..

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Monday 05/08/2013, 12:03

Kinichaw: Final joke card~ This is just kind of broken. Yah sure it is weak against SoA (they aren't even that common anymore with staffs banning up to 6 roots card?!). Comparison with aurora: slightly less solid, but 1 more life gap, so by its own its a better card. However, then you look at synergy, translating to 'if you win your bonus becomes +19 attack! (just give up)'

It's not strange for clans to finally come up with some synergy with ability and bonus, but that process usually takes at least one year? Berzerk has yet to see an unconditional -2 life min. 0. Jungo has yet to see a good poison after sylth had gone.

Also, unlike other clans huracan is filled with a bunch of other cards that are completely usable, and not even underpowered on its own unlike those in rescue.

So what do you guys think?

offline Azeem- Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Monday 05/08/2013, 13:35

Yep Huracan is really OP. But they are making an effort trying to ban some of the key cards. If Huracan are getting OP cards they are making Rescue look like a joke, half deck they get a better bonus and it's quite easy to keep that bonus for 2 turns.

Then again, that makes the Huracan tactic flawed having to win first round which can be predictable. That then brings on the element of a bluff for Huracan users. They could use 2 pillz on a 6 powered card and then your 8 powered card would need 4 to beat it. Rescue do have a similar effect but they have overall less solid cards. From what i'm seeing El Matador and Derby Queen are 2 solid cards that could do very well in a half deck.

Only time will tell whether the OP cards get banned or not.

offline Thai_231 Veteran 3LO MA$T3R
Monday 05/08/2013, 15:33

Huracan is quite powerful, but if you guy stop voting ban cards like Tuck, Bogdan and Oshitsune every weeks , maybe we will find it easier to fight against them smiley. Last week, Tuck is banned, Bogdan, XU52, Lizbeth and Oshitsune are banned, and Ongh and Derby Queen was available (he is still playable this week when Saki is banned plus Qubik ?!?!!!?!?). So don't question why Jungo/Huracan dominated smiley.
For this week Pussy Cats get no ban, so Huracan with Clover and Diana and Pussy Cats will be another difficult question for you to answer as well smiley

offline Wakshaani Legend  
Monday 05/08/2013, 16:54

I expect most to counter Hurancan with the old standbys of Nightmare and Pirana, just like people do when Rescue has a good week. Kneecap the bonus and they stumble.

That said, they play like Freaks in many ways, with the first round either being a high pill or a bluff, the secodn round being the other, and teh third round being the same as the Freaks 4th. It's all about learning when to absorb a shot and when to counterpunch.

offline Trippie Titan Open Casket
Monday 05/08/2013, 19:06

SOA strips damage potential off of them too: Kinichaw, La Cobra, El Matador, Wonder Lana, Zapatino, Derby Queen...they have no damage left smiley

offline 0_The_Oracle Imperator Open Casket
Monday 05/08/2013, 19:26

@Wakshaani not too similar to freaks. Yes I agree with that their opening rounds are important, but they are much much more versatile. They dont have to win first round, as far as you know I can use el gascaro and still be fine. Thing is, huracan STRIPS your pills. +14 attack is a joke, 2 pills for a 7 powered card? wow.

@trippie well thing about it SoA 'kills' a lot of cards then, pretty much everything except for piranas, nightmare & skeelz. However, just SoA does not kill huracan at all.
Firstly, they have some very solid cards such as lumber jack, and honestly most of the 4*s, they all stand at a great great 7/5 (something that their rival rescue even struggle with...). Also, why is it that they get an 8 powered card in their first months of release?! rescue has been asking one since the dawn of time. Also, their first stop: card has just been released... IF you really are facing problems, use it: mister pollo.

UR please address this clan
Secondly, SoA takes away the ability, but the trouble lies in the bonus... I would imagine it would not be difficult to win off 3 rounds.

offline Cakeman Icing Guru Hip Hop Messiahz
Tuesday 06/08/2013, 08:08

Actually I agree with you 0 the oracle. I'm not really good at UR so I might be wrong but if I don't have enough SOA/SOB, I always find myself losingsmiley Huracan basically beats every clan except Gheist, Roots, Pirana and Nightmare. But even If I do have gheist, it can be difficult to inflict any damage because of cards like El Matador, Magistrado Ld etc beat someone like Methane with ease. Roots do little damage so it will be hard to calm the bonus down, but as stated before, SOA strips of alot of the huracans damage so they definetly have a chance. Pirana helps alot beating Huracan with cards like Ector, Raeth and Lizbeth since they cancel the bonus. Nightmare can win too but Huracan have solid abilities with cards like Zapatino, Derby Queen, Kinichaw etc.

But Huracan can be half decked so they can use stop cards like Ashiko, so Roots can be disavantaged like everybody else. But of course they are not unbeatable, I'm just probably exaggerating alot but they are extremely powerful.

offline Saveroftime Hero TRiNiTY
Tuesday 06/08/2013, 11:30

EL MATADOR LA COBRA BAXTER MURRY 20 life easily smiley I just wish i got Kinichaw to make 25 smiley

offline The Ideal Master  
Tuesday 06/08/2013, 19:33

If they were really as broken as u make it out to be then there would be more huracan bans every week. Yeah their bonus is pretty strong but its not it doesnt have weaknesses. Their bonus rewards both players playing aggressively right off the bat and honestly its nice to see that again in this game. And while their bonus is good at winning their overall power isnt high; They only have 1 cards in their clan with 8 power. Both SoA or SoB can take the wind out of their sails and if you dont feel like using those types of clans use freaks or fang pi and go for a high damage attack at the start. If you still cant win then start voting to ban huracan and if they truly are broken the staff will start issuing bans.

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