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Wednesday 07/08/2013, 16:56

The Dark kNight-mare

Are you the one capable of taking on The Dark kNight-mare?! I will be incorporating the batman comic books ect. into this battle style event.


Step 1: Each player will choose a villain from batman upon joining the event. Your clan will be based on the villain you choose. (FIRST COME FIRST SERVE ON THE VILLAIN CHOICES, NO DOUBLES ON VILLAINS)


If your villain has a * next to his or her name they have been claimed

R'as al Gul, Solomon Grundy - Nightmare
Anarky, Riddler - Skeelz
Alpha, Lady Shiva - Fang Pi Clang
Bane - Huracan
Black Mask*, Victor Zsasz - Uppers
Blackbeard, Captian Stingaree - Piranas
Catwoman, She-Cat - Pussycats
Deadshot, Deathstroke - La Junta
Two-Face, Bone - Montana
Joker, Harley Quinn - Freaks
Poison Ivy, Prometheus - Roots
Mr. Freeze, The Penguin - Frozn
Red Hood, Hush - Rescue
Killer Croc, King Kraken - Ulu Watu
Sportsmaster - All Stars
Scarecrow, Mad Hatter - Gheist
Zebraman, Copperhead - Jungo
Shriek - Junkz
Blockbuster, Nite-Wing - Berzerk
Lex Luthor, Clock King - Vortex
Blight*, Gearhead - Sakrohm
Lockup - Sentinel
Step 2: Villain face-off. each player will face off vs 5 random players in the event. in 2 winning battles each.

-Players must finish all battles to move to "Batman Challenge"

-Players must use the clan according to their villain

-Players who win at least 3 of their battles get an extra star in the "Batman Challenge"

-Players who win at least 4 of their of battles get to use CR cards in the "Batman Challenge"

-The player with the highest score gets jackpot (in case of a tie the jackpot is split) player must complete all their available battles to move on.

-Screens WILL ONLY be accepted with at least 2 shown attempts to contact opponent on separate occasions.

-The format is 25 extended, no doubles, no CRs

-No deck swapping vs the same opponent

-This round lasts 10 days
Step 3: Batman Challenge. Now that each villain has proven their worth, its time for all those villains actively gaining their respect to challenge The Dark Knight and they plan to bring the battle to him. Bringing their new found perks along with them, the villain line up and prepare their bait to bring the bat man to them.
I will be playing the role of Batman, and as The Dark Knight i will not make it easy to defeat me. The villains will keep their same deck formats but with the possible added perks. The deck i will be using is 30 star extended no double and i will be using random.org to switch between the hero clan rescue and the dark clan nightmare.

-Deck swapping allowed in this round

-Battles will be best of 3

-Each person to beat me wins a prize

-This round lasts however long it takes to complete battles

jackpot to player with most points after first phase.

kenny cr to every player that completes the batman challenge

offline KulekPlTop Senior  
Monday 30/03/2015, 20:03

Ktoś mógłby przetłumaczyć bo mój angielski ssie xD

offline mega 135 Hero TRiNiTY
Monday 30/03/2015, 21:56

Lex luthor and dose it have to be full or can I be half as well can you use leaders in this tourney.

offline {Titan} Senior URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 31/03/2015, 01:05

This is a really old event

Don't necro old threads smiley

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