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Thursday 05/09/2013, 00:21

The Kingdom
Based on the popular mafia style games.
For those of you who've played these type of games, you should know how they work smiley
For those that haven't, the rules are in the event (I'll run out of space putting everything up here)

★ Table of Contents ★ (For your convenience)

1. The roles (Romanian (pro-kingdom), Czech (neutrals) and Turkish (mafia) sections)
2. The Day (Russian section)
3. The Night (Italian section)
4. The Prize Rounds (Spanish section)
5. FAQS/Stuff I should really go over (Dutch section). You can post questions there too.
6. Pub rules/rules for applying for a role (Polish section)
7. List of goods you can buy from the pub (Netherlands section)
8. Max HP increase winners (French Section)

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Thursday 05/09/2013, 18:02

Prizes if you need a reason smiley

If pro-kingdom win

Blaaster Cr for every LIVING (remaining) pro-kingdom member
Jane Ramba Cr for every DEAD (eliminated) pro-kingdom member

If mafia win
Swidz Cr for every LIVING (remaining) mafia
Smokey Cr for every DEAD (eliminated) mafia

There's also a few scenarios (depending on your role) where you'd win clintz anyways just for (actively) participating.
The event doesn't start till the 19th (at the earliest), so join now smiley

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Friday 06/09/2013, 17:32

Bump smiley

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Tuesday 10/09/2013, 23:05

Bump. Just need 7 more ppl and we can start

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Thursday 12/09/2013, 00:13

Imma gonna bump 'cause I can't wait for this to start.

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Friday 13/09/2013, 01:29

Only 4 spots left for this smiley

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Friday 13/09/2013, 02:01


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Saturday 14/09/2013, 02:23

Bump again for prizes smiley

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Saturday 14/09/2013, 22:57

Still 4 more spots left and you're pretty much guaranteed to get something just for participating smiley

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Monday 16/09/2013, 03:39

3 more spots

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