[EVENT] The Kingdom

Thursday 05/09/2013, 00:21

The Kingdom
Based on the popular mafia style games.
For those of you who've played these type of games, you should know how they work :P
For those that haven't, the rules are in the event (I'll run out of space putting everything up here)

★ Table of Contents ★ (For your convenience)

1. The roles (Romanian (pro-kingdom), Czech (neutrals) and Turkish (mafia) sections)
2. The Day (Russian section)
3. The Night (Italian section)
4. The Prize Rounds (Spanish section)
5. FAQS/Stuff I should really go over (Dutch section). You can post questions there too.
6. Pub rules/rules for applying for a role (Polish section)
7. List of goods you can buy from the pub (Netherlands section)
8. Max HP increase winners (French Section)

Thursday 05/09/2013, 18:02

Prizes if you need a reason :P

If pro-kingdom win

Blaaster Cr for every LIVING (remaining) pro-kingdom member
Jane Ramba Cr for every DEAD (eliminated) pro-kingdom member

If mafia win
Swidz Cr for every LIVING (remaining) mafia
Smokey Cr for every DEAD (eliminated) mafia

There's also a few scenarios (depending on your role) where you'd win clintz anyways just for (actively) participating.
The event doesn't start till the 19th (at the earliest), so join now :thumbsup:

Friday 06/09/2013, 17:32

Bump :cool:

Tuesday 10/09/2013, 23:05

Bump. Just need 7 more ppl and we can start

Thursday 12/09/2013, 00:13

Imma gonna bump 'cause I can't wait for this to start.

Friday 13/09/2013, 01:29

Only 4 spots left for this :thumbsup:

Friday 13/09/2013, 02:01


Saturday 14/09/2013, 02:23

Bump again for prizes :cool:

Saturday 14/09/2013, 22:57

Still 4 more spots left and you're pretty much guaranteed to get something just for participating :thumbsup:

Monday 16/09/2013, 03:39

3 more spots


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