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Sunday 22/09/2013, 21:08

Hello everyone I've recently created this guild and I'm looking for new members. After rejecting a few offers and experiencing first hand what it's like to be a lone wolf I'm finally ready to be apart of something bigger than myself, not joining the ranks of another guild but, creating my own guild and being a Leader who will carry my team to glory. I'm not a famous player nor do I have outstanding credentials and I'm pretty sure most of the top guilds today started out this way. However, what I do have is the skill & determination to become a fearsome player and an affinity to lead those who seek to better themselves. Prophets are messengers and the message we're sending is that we're aiming to be among the greatest guilds ever created and be renown throughout UR as a 1st rate guild. Noteworthy for being tier 1 contenders and acknowledged by the best will have mean we've reached our goals and should then strive for greater heights.The process will be slow, players will come and go our rankings will increase and decrease, but if you're headstrong I have no doubt that we'll eventually reach our goal. If you're ready to go on this journey with me apply now and let us begin!

offline LP-Herald Master  
Sunday 22/09/2013, 21:29

I cannot do it alone, so please do join and talk to me so you can get a better understanding or the guild and it's goals. I'm also, looking to appoint temporary admins (depending on how well you perform, you may retain your position as admin) to assist me in recruiting, event planning and to relay ideas to me from themselves and other players.

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