offline TrickToTreat Hero  
Friday 04/10/2013, 20:08

I really, really need some help with building decent decks.
Below I wrote down the clans and the characters I don't have (since that was less writing)

All Stars: all but: Quinn - Terry Cr - Lama cr

Nightmare: all but: Phyllis - Artus - Cuty - Nistarok - Oshitsune - Ghumbo - Karrion - Dwain Cr - Thaumaturge Cr - Ombre Cr - Ambrose Cr

Vortex: all but: Drorb - Izsobahd - Kobalth - Lovhak - Deea - Krung - T Gaank - C Wing - Heegrn Cr - Shaakarti - Dagg - X-ODUS - Dregn

Leaders: all but: Eklore - Vholt

My current somewhat effective decks are:

- DT 1: El gring o - Heartnett - Hendz - Liu - Marina - Striker - Eyrik - Kolos
- DT2: Morphum - Estalt - Glorg - Kolos - Magenta - Ozzy - Uchtul - Vince

I have some other decks but they are switching from time to time when proven ineffective.



offline TrickToTreat Hero  
Thursday 10/10/2013, 01:51

Is there really noone that can help me with this?


offline Myeltd Colossus Limit Break
Thursday 10/10/2013, 01:54

I can, but am conflicted on how to approach this. Best advice I can give without using guild chat/other means of "conveyance" is to try to collect other clans, and see how they mesh along with the cards you have now. smiley


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