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Sunday 06/10/2013, 02:41

200 graks at 0 exp = 50k a head total 10 million
I will add another Tessa cr to this offer as well as 800k cash to this offer to make this offer 11.5m
for this wonderful lot I would like 2 lyse teria cr any exp ( 5.5m a head)
also I could buy a Vickie cr for 430k cash if anyone wants to drop her in my ps
thanks smiley for viewing this offer I am also interested in a korr full xp which I valueat 9m i'd be willing to give 180 0 exp graks for him smiley

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Monday 07/10/2013, 02:24

No longer need Vickie cr offer is still the following : 200 graksmxxt + Tessa + graksmxxt for two lyse teria cr I can also split the lot up for just one lyse

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