offline Sir B00BY Legend  
Tuesday 24/12/2013, 19:53

Hello EN Community,
I am extremely sorry for my absence and kinda dropping off the earth for the past couple months. As many of you know, I was very seriously injured over the summer which led to a couple months of inactivity. I have since fully recovered, but LIFE is now back in full swing. Work unfortunately never ceases, so I have had quite a bit of catchup with work etc. I am OFFICIALLY BACK and ready to service our wonderful community again.
In my absence, I missed Hannukkah, so a very happy hannukkah to all of my Jewish community members!
Merry Christmas to everyone!
Happy soon to be 2014!!!!
Best wishes to everyone,
Sir B00BY
EN Event Team Member

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Tuesday 24/12/2013, 20:05

Welcome back smiley
Hope you are way better now. smiley

offline Sir B00BY Legend  
Tuesday 24/12/2013, 20:12

Haha I have been cleared by doctors well over two months ago for light physical activity. too bad I have been working smiley
Glad to be back to my friends and family here in UR smiley

offline PokiDraco Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 24/12/2013, 21:16

Happy hannukkah to you as well sir! israeli in life or in heart only?

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