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Monday 03/02/2014, 20:39

I am a DM extended player so i will only discribe DM from this mindset. If 25 or standard player wants to post their guides on dm then i am glad to have them post on this thread

In dm Extended there are the 3 most important things: 2hko Overpowering and Ambre (morphun is not generally advised) and 1hko which is a whole different story (will get to that later)


Your goal is to make it possible to have a 2hko in every hand
In a deck like this deleted a hand without 2hko is nonexistant
if you have even ONE 5 damage or four damage card make sure your deck is chock full of 7-8 damage cards

Try to get cards that make it really hard to stop a 2hko against them cards like Hawk, Jackie, and fixit are meta in dm

These are probably the best clans for overpowering (in order)
Ulu watu Bangers Uppers Huracan Montana (with vickie if not gheist is better) And gheist
Ulu watu is self-explanatory Tons of 8 powered cards and cards like lullabee and daddy jones

They don't have any raw 8 power like Ulu watu But with cards like shann beeboy and fixit you'll see what i mean

This is not as obvious of one but when you meet your first dorian jackie cr hefty ambre hand you'll see what i mean

They have unchecked 12 attack manip on the first turn
El divino has 30 attack no pills on first turn
noctezuma played 2nd is like a new and improved vickie cr
Lumber Jack beats every single power manipulator IN THE GAME


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Monday 03/02/2014, 20:43

forgot these guys sorry
kolos ghumbo and nistarok/oshitune makes about the best half deck imaginable
would be first but you cannot EVER use this in mono EBER

Montana has a good deal of good 5 stars but you pretty much need a vickie to have a "meta deck"
Cards like fabio enzo etc are good but you should have a vickie otherwise switch clans
(warning do not use in mono [generally])

with cards like rolph mechakolos kristin and others they are amazing in dm but they are not at the top as they don't have much other good gheist (xu52 is pretty sub par [in dm standards])

Will post on clans tomorow.
too tired

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Monday 03/02/2014, 21:47

Agreed with most parts but you forgot La Junta and Sentinel, I see those more often than Montana, Nightmare and Huracan. Also Junkz is a common used clan.

Another good guide you can find here:
Not only extended but also ext25 and standard meta

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Tuesday 04/02/2014, 18:52

Not done yet im gonna finish tonight after i eat

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Tuesday 04/02/2014, 18:52

Im also gonna put a guide to every single clan

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Tuesday 04/02/2014, 19:08

Something like this, you mean?

All Stars

They have some good cards (Lamar Cr, Crazy Carlo, El Gringo) but they don't have enough killer cards for a mono deck that can kill Uppers, Bangers or Sentinel. They work well in half deck, however, there might be some problems if you draw them without their bonus because some of their cards rely on their bonus

A lot of good 3* cards who may also work with 2HKO'ing (especially Karen vs. SoA or Randy)
Robb Cr, Crazy Carlo, Lamar Cr, Striker are all killer cards but they might be expensive for beginners.
Again some of their cards are realiable of their bonus so SoB or a 3/1 split is a con.

Crazy Carlo + Dallas + Sigurd (+ Hendz / Quinn / Heartnett / Harrow) might work in a halfdeck because of their good damage but I don't think they can compete with Huracan, Bangers, Berzerk, Uppers, Junta.....

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Tuesday 04/02/2014, 20:20

No more like this

I'm gonna put every clan in order in ranking for mono dm extended half deck dm extended and overall

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Tuesday 04/02/2014, 20:26

I forgot the section about 1hko

kolos is your best friend in dm. kolos is the most used card in dm. kolos can be splashed better than any other card in dm (except for maybe caelus without soa on the field and graksmxxt). kolos with ambre is one of the biggest (affordable come on you can't afford a general ambre combo.. or can you smiley) threats in dm if there is no soa (dr isn't that important a 10/8 or 10/6 is pretty menacing, i mean look at serena)
use kolos

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Tuesday 04/02/2014, 20:37


Ulu Watu
were you really suprised?
with tan man serena hikiyousan daddy jones lullabee oraya miss lulabee stanly wee lee etc.?
You shouldn't be. This clan is the best mono clan in dm except for bangers (almost solely because shann exists).
In half decks they are still ferocious but should probably be used in mono
third for half decks 2nd for mono 1 overall

You should probably use them in mono as much as possible
a typical mono bangers dm extended deck is this.
Ambre (MUST) Shann (MUST) Beeboy (MUST) Fixit (very important) bodenpower (staple) willy (shaky but the 14 power oppurtunity is to good to pass up)...
Great clan for dm except that they are not BEAST in half decks just very good
Mono decks 1 half decks 6 overall 2

These are one of the best clans for dm
you have jackie cr dorian hefty and lady/herman (optional)
this is one of the best half decks i can think of
Jackie cr is the absolute queen of deathmatch (she shares the crown with vickie cr)
Dorian is A BEAST. he is the slightly downgraded tan man of the uppers. Hefty is like lullabee only an old pimp. Lady and herman are also really beast
they would be better than the bangers but they are not as good as them in mono
mono ranking 4 Half deck ranking 2 overall 2

this clan has the best (DA BEST) half deck of all time
Kolos+Ghumbo+Nistarok+(optional) Oshitune= BEST HALF DECK EVER
They house kolos. one of the best cards for dm. they house ghumbo who is a hefty with (continue

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Tuesday 04/02/2014, 20:40

One extra damage (not to mention sob is better as a bonus than ability) and nistarok who is a downgraded put it that way he doesn't sound so overpowered when you put it like that but you forget how beast graks is (even if his clan isn't) Oshitune is pretty awesome too
however they kinda suck in mono (not as bad as say the roots but they are pretty sub-par)
Mono 11 half deck UNDISPUTED 1 BAYBAY 1 1 1 1 1 Overall 4th
will continue tomorow.
too tired now

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