offline Franksie Hero  
Sunday 20/07/2008, 15:13

Hey guys, I just started today and want to improve my deck, but I cant seem the get the cash together to get better cards. Even when I win a battle I only recieve 5 or so Clintz. Can someone tell me what Im doing wrong and how to make more moolah? smiley Cheers

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Sunday 20/07/2008, 16:35

Well the easiest way is to buy some credits or if you really don't wan to for every 5 levels you get a leader card you can sell them to Kate for easy 800 clintz which can help you get some better cards.

Also participating in daily tournaments helps cause you can get at least 50 clintz and a credit for just joining. Once you have a decent deck play in ELO or Survivor as well.

And please read the game rules and visit the strategy threads to learn how to play this game as well. And I also have to borrow a line from Captain Clintz "the search function is your friend "

offline Oyarsa Master  
Sunday 20/07/2008, 16:42

Play tournaments, you automatically get 50 clintz just for entering.

offline TzeentchAL101 Guru Anime lovers 101
Sunday 20/07/2008, 17:16

Buy credits, use them to buy packs, keep the cards you want and sell the rest.

offline Ninja-zero Legend  
Sunday 20/07/2008, 17:23

Buy credits do dailies do survivor

offline Dontfriendme Titan  
Sunday 20/07/2008, 20:14

Without paying anything out of pocket, it's still very simple.
Play the dailies, and get 50 credits for playing. Play well (in the top 150) and you get a credit, as well.
In between the dailies, play Survivor.
And dont forget to send me hugs!

offline Franksie Hero  
Monday 21/07/2008, 00:54

Cheers for the info guys, appreciate it smiley And Sarah, heres your hugs *Huuug*

offline Capn Clintz Imperator  
Monday 21/07/2008, 01:38

"Also participating in daily tournaments helps cause you can get at least 50 clintz and a credit for just joining.
Got that wrong Jade, you need to get in *I forget the percent* of people to get the credit.

offline Slayernator Veteran  
Monday 21/07/2008, 02:27

The best way to make clintz by not using real money is to enter in daily tournaments and if you can survivor mode rooms

offline Simple0313 Novice  
Monday 21/07/2008, 02:28

Its the first 1/3 placed to get credits

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