offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Wednesday 06/12/2006, 23:14

I would like to buy all unevolved cards - nina, gheistling, laetitia and jenny.
i'll pay 20000, package price, meaning 20 000 clintz for all 4 cards together. any takers

offline UntSephiroEVO Imperator  
Friday 08/12/2006, 00:40

I will sell u Nina, Laetita, and Jenny i dont have a non-leveled Gheistling

offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Friday 08/12/2006, 13:23

I'll give you 12000 for nina, laetitia and jenny

offline Morder4Life Senior  
Friday 08/12/2006, 17:52

Wow what a scammer..

offline KV Celdin Titan KINGS OF VALACHIA
Friday 08/12/2006, 17:59

He just wants the cards for collection/cant afford them i think, to bad you could prolly put those for double price on the market and sell them in 1 hour tops

offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Friday 08/12/2006, 21:56

Haha no seriously
i just want them for my point for me to sell cards that i want anyway...and besides, the prices will go down very fast, i'm just giving an offer that is better than what will become of those cards very soon, just like the same that happened with the new all star cards, alexei being worth 15000, and now, less that 3000 right.. =)

offline 1Fujiwara Evo Guru  
Friday 08/12/2006, 21:56

I'm not a scammer, i think it's just fair to bid as one wishes to =)

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