offline lewis100 Legend Clintz Bank
Sunday 15/07/2007, 21:32

I rather trdae with cards just name your price

offline Joeisagod Titan  
Sunday 15/07/2007, 21:51

I have 3 maxed out Elya's. What have you got? smiley

offline Collector_HM Guru Pit Viper
Sunday 15/07/2007, 22:18

Do u want elya, or do u want to trade it with some1

offline demons4 Master  
Monday 16/07/2007, 00:46

Hey what do you want to trade???

offline lewis100 Legend Clintz Bank
Monday 16/07/2007, 15:56

I will give them
jim cr
thaumtrge cr
and 2024cl

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Clint City, night.