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I've Got The Hottest Girl

I've Got The Hottest Girl
Monday 12/03/2007, 22:33
X-Thuga-X - Legend Português

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I've Got The Hottest Girl
X-Thuga-X - Legend Português - Monday 12/03/2007, 22:33

Hey everyone!

here's my cards for sale:

Miss Chloe lvl3!!!

Kawan (U) lvl1
Tatane (C) lvl1
Natrang (C) max
Bryan (R) lvl 1
Keanew (C) lvl1
Berserkgirl (R) lvl 1 and 2
Selsya (C) (max)
Sigmund Cr (Cr) lvl 3
Nina (U) lvl 1 and 2
Vryer (C) lvl 2
Brandon (C) lvl2
Crystal (U) (max)
Diego (C) lvl1
Python (R) lvl2
Leo (C) (max)
Mitch (C) (max)
No Nam (C) (max)
Wardog (C) (max)
Winifred (C) lvl1
Ashigaru (R) lvl2
Hugo (R) lvl4
Morphun (R) lvl3
Timber (R) lvl1
Vansaar (R) lvl1
Aldo (C) lvl1
Lino Borsa (C) lvl1
K Cube (U) (max)
Mojo (U) lvl2
Ombre (U) lvl2
Sheitane (U) lvl1
Thaumaturge (C)
Beltran (C) (max)
Kiki (R) lvl1
Nahi (C) lvl1
Page (C) (max)
Klaus (C) lvl1
Robin (C) (max)
Skullface (C) lvl1
Chad Bread (C) lvl1

I Only sell those

unless High offer's for Kenny (R) Joao (R) Dorian (U) Wee Lee (U) Jackie (R) and Tyler (R) !!!!
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X-Thuga-X - Legend Português
Tuesday 13/03/2007, 13:35

Come On!!!!!!!!!
X-Thuga-X - Legend Português
Tuesday 13/03/2007, 18:02

Python is 7199
Prysm CCU - Guru English
Tuesday 13/03/2007, 21:54

Python, skull face
X-Thuga-X - Legend Português
Tuesday 13/03/2007, 22:45

Python 4 skullface?
Jericho78 - Titan - Malaysian PRIDE squad English
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 01:30

How much is Bryan, Sheitane and Skullface? I'm more interested in Bryan though.
AOD Sage EVO - Imperator - Army of Darkness English
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 09:45

I take bezerkgirl and Miss Chloe? How Much???
Two_faced - Imperator English
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 10:15

How much is Kawan (U)?
0_Tolerance - Imperator English
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 11:02

How much are leaders?
0 Dark Army - Imperator - The Flying Dutchman English
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 12:29

Baby Q is much hotter
BTW do you have one for sale?

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