How to sale

Monday 08/10/2007, 01:27

How do i sale characters

Monday 08/10/2007, 04:08

You have to purchase credits to do so.

Monday 08/10/2007, 22:42

Is there any other way to get new cards besides buying from shop and using the market? CAn we buy cards using clintz?

Monday 08/10/2007, 23:01

On the market you can use clintz or you can post here want buy xx card for xx clints or make offers by the others

Wednesday 10/10/2007, 13:35

Lol the market is the place you can get cards, you can use the message this section of the message board to try and make a quick deal or you can save up credits to buy packs from the shop ( 20credits = 3 cards)


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