Wednesday 11/10/2006, 22:04

I want: Baby Q, chole, dragon, graksmxxt, Havok, Otakool, Python, reine, skullface, and vickie

i have: Fifty, Platoona, Kinjo, lost hog, Natrang, Xia Leming, Erika, Meyen, Vladimir, Wardog, Winifred, Timber, Pino, Dieter, Estalt, Mojo, Armand, Yookie, Amy, Zdrone, Frankie Hi, Gina Glitt, and Tyler

give me your offers to buy, sell or trade

Friday 13/10/2006, 15:14

I just put Reine 1500 on the market grab it before someone else take itsmiley

Saturday 14/10/2006, 01:13

Hey... wut lvl is Erika and Vladimir?? if their lvl is high we can change!!

Saturday 14/10/2006, 01:20

I have a vickie... is current sale. i put 46k for her. she is cheap at market. do u want negociate?? msg me!! thx


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