offline blakezz Novice  
Saturday 08/03/2008, 20:13

I have many commons prittymuch all of them that are under 250clint few rares like 4 and like 10 uncommon !!!!! just ask and youwill have thecard you want for under ah price !!!! also tradein

offline blakezz Novice  
Saturday 08/03/2008, 20:56

> Amiral Py15Ability at level 3Damage +2x1Diego21No abilityDamage +2x1Leo41Ability at level 3Damage +2x1Mitch24Ability at level 3Damage +2x1Myke41Ability at level 2Damage +2x1Niki22Courage: power +4Damage +2x1Aldo41No ability-12 opp attack, min 8x1Lino Borsa21No ability-12 opp attack, min 8x1Mort Bax42No ability-12 opp attack, min 8x1Prince Jr53-2 opp power, min 4-12 opp attack, min 8x1Ricardo43-3 opp damage, min 4-12 opp attack, min 8x1Zodiack24No ability-12 opp attack, min 8x1Cell23No abilityStop opp bonusx1Elixir32No abilityStop opp bonusx1Endora22No abilityStop opp bonusx1K Cube52Damage +2Stop opp bonusx1Melluzine32Ability at level 3Stop opp bonusx1Sakura24Ability at level 3-2 opp damage, min 1x8Svelthlana22Power =wer opp-2 opp damage, min 1x1Denise44Courage: -2 opp. dmg, min 2Support: attack +3x1Larry12Ability at level 2Support: attack +3x1Mark61+2 life per damageSupport: attack +3x1Ataoualpet34-5 opp damage, min 5Stop opp abilityx1Ben41No abilityStop opp abilityx1Ogoun Kyu11No abilityStop opp abilityx1Sunnygoat13No abilityStop opp abilityx1Globumm23Stop opp bonus-8 opp attack, min 3x1Halley31No ability-8 opp attack, min 3x1Ingsthra22Ability at level 3-8 opp attack, min 3x1Oryon11No ability-8 opp attack, min 3x1Pulsar21No ability-8 opp attack, min 3x1Gaia Noel55-3 opp attack, min 1Power +2x1Ice Jim63Stop opp abilityPower +2x1Mac Hen21No abilityPower +2x1Sandy22No abilityPower +2x1Tafa33Stop opp bonusPower +2x1Warren33Power = power oppPower +2x1Bob Joby11No ability-10 op

offline SKELET0N_GUY Novice Dragon Empire
Saturday 08/03/2008, 20:57

Do you have Glorg Hatorri Emeth or Crassus ???

offline DA CRAZE Hero  
Saturday 08/03/2008, 22:51

Ice jim, warren,ben,leo,diego,

offline Ninja-zero Legend  
Saturday 08/03/2008, 23:32

Do you have Chad Bread?

offline Slayernator Veteran  
Sunday 09/03/2008, 00:45

Do you have a Don which I could buy off you ?

offline flipthecolors Hero  
Sunday 09/03/2008, 01:18

Ill take Melluzine and Gaia Noel..

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