Thursday 21/06/2007, 06:53

Hello there, i just sold a good portion of my collection to get some clintz so i could buy a few cr's but with the prices some people have them at i really can't afford i'm asking for some help i need the top 15 priced cr's for cheaper than they r in the market, can someone help me? i have a little over 500000 clintz to spend i'd really like to get 2 of them, & if they could be at minimum level i'd really love it.

Thursday 21/06/2007, 08:40

I`ve got Marlysa Cr and i want only trade!!!I`m looking for those cards:Armand,Havok,charlye,Gaia,vickye,Chloe,tanaereva and jackie!!!Pm me if your interested!!!

Thursday 21/06/2007, 11:47

I sell Flavio Cr, just tell me your offer. Accepted trading. Because there is no need to give 5 % to bank.

Thursday 21/06/2007, 16:30

Hi there i'm THe ICeKiNG's fiancee, he's at work so i'll answer u for him, i'll send u a pm with a offer if u like it please private sale it to him if Flavio is the lowest level, he'd like that when he comes home tonight

Thursday 21/06/2007, 19:42

16000 for level max skullface

Friday 22/06/2007, 00:33

Top 15 Cr cards, all of which i'm assuming have over 1,000,000 value on the market.
you hope to get at least 2 of them?, good luck, i really mean that, it'd be nice to find someone willing to part with them.
(i'm also kinda surprised some of the old players don't come back, and sell their Cr Cards for super Cheep.

Friday 22/06/2007, 06:32

No some are worth 600k or less(4 that i need)


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