offline (baratinha) Novice  
Tuesday 04/07/2006, 17:02

I trade im for another card or clintz

offline naujhajile Senior  
Wednesday 05/07/2006, 16:49


offline Lonith Hero  
Thursday 03/08/2006, 10:52

What lvl is Vansaar and what card or cards are you looking for?
If you sell it how much are you lelling it for?

offline Hotshot10ras Imperator THe Looneys
Saturday 05/08/2006, 19:06

I'll give you 600clintz for it

offline white ninja Master THe Looneys
Monday 07/08/2006, 16:37

Ill give u 750

offline KevinCastle15 Imperator  
Saturday 26/08/2006, 05:28

Ill give u 800

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Clint City, day.