Saturday 07/10/2006, 09:42

Hi! i'd like to trade Ratanah (uncommon, Roots, lvl max). Actually i'm looking for
- Yayoi (uncommon, Pussycats)
- Charlie (uncommon, Pussycats)

PS: no matter the level... i accept them even at lvl 1 (if they are higher we can find an agreement, just let me know).

Saturday 07/10/2006, 10:52

Ah for those who don't know what does Ratanah at lvl 4 here the stats: she's a 8/5 and her power is: "- 4 opp attack, min 4"

Saturday 07/10/2006, 13:10

I have both, but I won't trade it for ratanah.


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