offline Wiseman Guru  
Saturday 01/07/2006, 03:48

Well i want to exchange Nobrocybix, or No Nam, or ogun kyu or Ottavia (all at their max level excepts No Nam) for ANY Sentinel CARD...any offer?smiley

offline tremmas Veteran  
Saturday 01/07/2006, 06:51

Ill trade No Nam for max lvl Robin and 250 clintz...

offline tremmas Veteran  
Saturday 01/07/2006, 10:15

Scratch that i just got No Nam. Ogoun Kyu or Nobrocybix for Robin? message me if your keen...

offline Achilleos Senior Immortal Knights
Sunday 02/07/2006, 02:46

Max Rebbeca for anything you think she is worth

offline KV SecaDanEVO Senior  
Thursday 06/07/2006, 09:32

I'll give you my max level Carlos for your No Nam

offline Juzni vetar Veteran  
Sunday 09/07/2006, 19:39

Hello Wiseman,I have a Havok if you're looking for it.
Just contact me if you're interested.

offline smp4010 Senior  
Sunday 24/09/2006, 02:00

Will trade Amy for No Nam

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