offline majr6 Novice  
Saturday 22/09/2007, 15:50

Firm Price of 5k

offline Symbolic Hero  
Saturday 22/09/2007, 16:18

Well first of all you have yet to buy credits so you cannot sell, and second don't you think 5k for Dan is a bit much?

offline Drain WMD Guru  
Saturday 22/09/2007, 16:21

What A Bargain must be my lucky day a dab for 5k and the best part '''Note, majr6 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).''

offline lol 78 Novice  
Saturday 22/09/2007, 16:26


offline 0_Dribble Colossus Open Casket
Saturday 22/09/2007, 17:22

Ill buy it but i want some cream on top

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Clint City, night.